300th post party!!! WHOOPPEEEE!!

Sorry, only those with over 300 posts may enter, unless you buy me a beer. But you must treat me with the respect that a true SD veteran deserves.


(I have to get a life. Sheeesh)

Umm, well, Congrats!!! You can come to my party & I’ll buy you a beer! :smiley:

Moe, don’t you think it’s cruel to ban non-300 posters? I mean, you’re my HERO!!! You are very special. What can we low-life, single-digit posters do to serve you??? Please, we bow down to you. Of course I’ll buy you a beer…Guinness? Murpheys? Bud?

I bow down to you. Oh, Have mercy!!!
Please, God, Give me a Life, too!!!
(Congratulations, Moe).

Does that mean Moe’s buying drinks for all the over-300 posters who attend? Oh, make sure you have tequila for Wally.

Why does it say 302? Are you trying to seem a couple younger?

Congrats, newer-than-me-Moe*

*defined by number of posts. You actually have been registered longer.

But I have a bigger mouth. :slight_smile:

And I thought I spent a lot of time on this thing.
Then I notice DRY who really must spend a lot of time on this thing… and then I notice Daniel.

But, anyway, this party’s lame. I’m going over to Daniel’s kilopost blowout. Come on over everyone.

I hereby declare myself Personal Escort for all the ladies with less than 300 posts.

That’s right, they are my date. Please treat them kindly.

In the meantime, whilst I await their arrival, Pour me a beer! Make sure to give me a little bit of good head on it.

“Yo ho ho and a bottle from Moe!”


VB Saunters back out, fresh bottle of 151 tucked under his arm.

300? Hell, I thought it said 3000.