note: this is a post party

Thank you guys for making me laugh. Cry. spill my feelings, and argue spiritedley; whether on the topics of hunting and gun control, to exotic body piercings and silly pet stories. I know that 300 posts isn’t exactly a lot, but when you are putting a piece of your life onto the internet, 305 posts is important. Thank you guys for always being there, and thank you for allowing me to be there for you. you have made my first 305 posts enjoyable, here’s to another joyful 300

::Unveils bar with every kind of drink imaginable, grabs an O’Douls and expects everyone to do the same::

Um, but I don’t drink and I like to be different from others, is there a soft drink available? Oh, by the way, congrats on the 305 posts.

of course, “every drink imaginable”
so there is Soft drinks, Hard liquor, liquer, wine, champagne, beer, light beer, and n/a

I wouldn’t mind a touch of Southern Comfort right about now. It’s just about time to start my five day weekend…aaahhh… Happy, erp, 300 sonny boy!


Good for you.
[sub]There would be an artfully veiled good-natured insult of some sort here, but in my current Chikkiboo-deprived state, I can’t think of anything.[/sub]
Gimme a glass of Jack Daniel’s. (a pint beer glass will be fine, thanks)

I’m anywhere there’s free drinks!
::hoists a cold Diet Coke::
Here’s to another 300!

toasts Ad Noctum on his 305 achievement

Congrats. You seem pretty okay yourself so far. Glad you’re enjoying the ride. Me too.

congrats. ::takes a heinecken::

That’s ONE of the three essentials shadow. Can I offer you the other two?


And just think, Nocturne . . . in the time you’ve gotten to 300, I’ve gotten over 2700.

You must have a life. Damn you;)

VERY eloquint (sp) post! :slight_smile: …now wheres that 151 and diet coke.

Sure. :smiley: :wink:

Maybe we should adjourn to the hot tub then tash…

Happy 300. Ya know, I’m kinda in the mood for a pina colada.

But I don’t have anything apropriate to wear in the hot tub… :wink: Oh well, it’s naked time then. ::rips off shirt, then jumps out of jeans::

Well I couldn’t let a lady be naked alone could I?

does tongue-in-cheek strip for tash while removing clothes and then joins her in the tub

If dpr is nekkid, Nym is nekkid. 'Nuff said.

::grabs dpr’s ass as he gets in:: nice ass sweetie. Come here, that was amusing. I must find some way to reward you for that.

wonders what shadow has in mind

One clue: it has to do with my sig line.