3d jokes

Well, since that is the hatchery of new ideas…

Here we go.

3D language jokes. Or even 4D.

Idea is, that the best jokes comes from situationas combined with language mumbos… (dr. clowns know the recipe). But this stuff works only in certain languages or certain language combinations… And since I’m spoiled, and normal jokes have no impact on me, I’ll try to level this topic up. Jokes are simply better if you cleverly combine more languages. IMHO.

Maybe for an example… this joke…

It is writen in four different languages to take effecet. Well 3. But you should know the fourth to take the real effect. So it is genuine 4D joke. (not mine)

Bili so Američan, Bosanec in Papež Ratzinger. Srečajo eno pičko, pa reče Američan: “who’s your daddy?” Pa grejo naprej pa srečajo drugo pičko pa reče bosanec: “tko ti je papa?” Pa se obrne papež k bosancu in ga vpraša, kaj je rekel, saj ne razume srbohrvaščine.

Hint: Slovenian, Serbocroatian, English, German.
For topic to live on, 2D jokes will do… :rolleyes:

Thread estupido. Sayonara.

TPTB here prefer everything in English–2D jokes wouldn’t work either in that respect.

Eh. I tried…

I’m interested. I’m going to have to see if my boyfriend (whose first language is Serbo-Croatian) to explain it. :slight_smile: Is Slovenian similar? I am unfamiliar with the language. He knows some Slovenian, but I’m unsure how much. I’ve never had a reason to ask him about this before.

I’m also curious. Is English not your first language? You and my boyfriend have a very similar way of writing English. Please don’t take this as nitpicking your grammar, I’m just interested in these things. The way you use parentheses, and the way you left out an article, exactly the way he does.

Um… here is a 2d joke to keep the thread slightly on topic, though be warned, it’s really horrendous.

What do the French think about Easter?
C’est une bonne idée!

(In case no one gets this, the completely horrid joke here is that “bonne idée” sounds somewhat like “bunny day”. HAR HAR FUNNY.)

If you cross your eyes just right, Yohan’s joke looks like a schooner.

What has 4 sides and floats? (Hint: it’s not a schooner.)

WY3.eI|e]Io	DLO)$FmWY3.eI|e]Io	O)$FmWY3.eI|e]Io	O)$FmWY3.e.eI|e]Io	O)$

(Note to mods: there really is a 3d image in there. It’s a random “dot” stereogram I generated years ago.)

How many dimensions does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just the one: Time. Time changes everything.

I’ve never seen that done with text before. Do you remember what you generated it with? I really like the effect

Very nice. Well done, Ftg.

I saw a posting on Usenet years ago about the “formula” for altitude in RDSes. Really trivial stuff. So I generated some code. Did some text as well as dot ones. (Can’t post the latter of course.) With text you can only do very “lo-res” stuff.

The best one I did (IMHO) was one of the Western Hemisphere with the continents suitably rounding outwards and the oceans the “back” of a sphere.

I’d provide details, but then I’d end up awarding you a PhD and there’s already too many of us CS PhDs.

I can’t see anything.

(Ow, my poor eyes!)

Now after practicing at magiceye.com, I’m seeing a rectangle… is this right? (It would go with the joke, after all…)