4.5. And Hal Fishman, RIP. :(

Hour and a half ago, I was relieved to hear the police chopper that had been buzzing my community, very near to my house, in fact, retreat. Seconds later, at least it seemed so, it was the earth, not the sky, causing a commotion. I know this building is earthquake-proof, because the way things were rockin’ and rollin’, if it hadn’t been, there would have been structural damage for sure.

4.5, near Chatsworth. And I chose KTLA’s website to look for info, where I found the saddening news that Hal Fishman has died. Longest-running anchor in L.A. :frowning:

Anyway, that’s the news. Just glad I wasn’t in the bathroom when it hit. I know a guy whose brother was in the bathroom when Loma Prieta hit, and he’s never lived it down.