4400 vs. Heroes

I finally remembered to watch the new season of “4400” last week, and I think I am liking it better than “Heroes” this year. Points in favour of “4400” - I love the way they’re handling so many people with abilities. I love the way they have the government handling so many people with abilities. I love the way I never have to yell at the television when people are doing something so stupid that my conscious suspension of disbelief is hanging by a frayed thread. I love the way that when something is hidden, or someone is lying about something, it is discovered or confessed quickly, instead of being a long, painfully drawn-out plot point. I like the way people mostly act like people would act.

My husband has a fairly accurate comment that the acting on “4400” is not extremely good, but he also made the excellent point that “4400” is like a very good science fiction novel, rather than the (increasingly cheesy) comic book that “Heroes” is.

Anybody with me on this?

I like them both for different reasons. They’re trying to tell different stories, really – despite similarities in the “people with powers” theme. In fact, 4400 has told several different stories over the seasons – they’ve reinvented the storyline almost every season.

Also I’d say it is a little early to be judging Heroes new season. The first season had the same issues that this season is having: disconnected storylines, some of the storylines being very slow-moving and repetitive, and vagueness on the overall season’s arc. Last season really got moving, though, and this one probably will as well.

I can’t believe that you never yelled at the 4400 for stupdity, though. Especially if you watched this past season with the stupid La Dolche Vida chick. Even Diana had some boneheaded moments. And then there’s Kyle… who is nice enough, but dumb as a box of rocks. But there’s good acting – Jordan, Tom, and Diana are all well-acted portrayals. Yeah, not so much the others.

Oh, Kyle - I think I’d blocked all memories of him out. Yeah, he would have improved the show by staying comatose. :slight_smile:

“Heroes” is indeed moving slowly; when Hiro decided to stay in Japan just a wee bit longer, I think I groaned out loud.

How could you possibly block out memory of the jaunty cap?? I could see blocking out memory of JC in his peasant-blouse-and-hippy-vest combo, but the jaunty cap? That’s just wrong. And the kind of thing that would make Tom cry. Again.

… Come to think, 4400 & Heroes do have an awful lot of man-hugging between them, don’t they?