45 percent of us says nbc was too mean to kelly

although they still don’t like her or even know who she is …… https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/nbc-was-too-harsh-in-axing-megyn-kelly-say-45-percent-of-americans/ar-BBP7N6Y?li=BBnb4R7

And how many tens of millions of dollar is Kelly going to get for NBC meanly breaking her contract?

Fox News Undermined Megyn Kelly Long After She Left for NBC: For 18 turbulent months at NBC, when Megyn Kelly stumbled, her former employer was lurking in the shadows—eagerly waiting to kick her while she was down.

That poll didn’t say much. It didn’t look like it was worded very well.

If people are just looking at one remark, it might seem unfair for a network to fire her. But her show’s ratings are poor and her remarks from the past have already given people a sense of what they don’t want. This last comment was just the precipitating event.

I also read that she was in talks to leave the show before these comments, so it might have only hastened things.

NBC is going to find out Kelly was a formidable corporate lawyer before jumping into television. I hope she takes NBC for every cent of that 69 million.

She misspoke one time. A reprimand and public apology would have been sufficient.

Everyone should get one screw up at work before getting canned.

One time that everyone knows about. And that one was on a topic where “misspeaking” (ha ha what a crock, she certainly didn’t make an inadvertent error) is not excusable. It’s the equivalent of a respected financial analyst loudly and repeatedly insisting that one peso has always been worth exactly the same as one dollar. It’s not “misspeaking”, it’s being incompetent.

Santa and Jesus were white says what?

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