5 minute experiment I'd like you to participate in.


Bwaha! Sorry dude, this makes me laugh. I don’t care if I was married to Ms. Hottie of the freaking universe; it would only take me about 1 to 3 months at MOST (and that’s being optimistic) before I would start looking at other women again.

It’s funny you bring this thread up though. I was just thinking the other day, for the reason above; how looks really aren’t all that important to me anymore. (to a point) I was also thinking “Man! I’m getting old for thinking like this!”

But still, I have to admit, I do occasionaly run into a woman who is SO incredibly beautiful; I get butterflies in my stomach.

Thank god I’m old enough to supress those feelings and talk to these women in a charming manner. Which was NOT the case when I was a young teen to my mid twenties.

Damn! I want those years back! :smiley:

Will there be a Land Rover, dart rifle and tracking collars involved? Cuz if so, I’m in!