5 minute experiment I'd like you to participate in.

Disclaimer: This is not a serious or formal study. The results will not be published anywhere and the sole purpose of this little exercise is to satisfy the curiosity of those interested.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the unrealistic expectations people have when it comes to the physical attractiveness of their mates. Are we too picky when it comes to the “beauty” of our ideal SO? How picky are we exactly? Are men pickier than women or vice versa? Are younger people pickier than their seniors? Are straights pickier than gays?

So I decided to perform a rough experiment. I sat by a fairly trafficked walkway on campus and started counting the number of women in my age range that would pass by before I saw one that I **uncompromisingly ** thought was hot. attractive enough for me to marry and never think that I wished she’d be hotter in theory.

So, if any of you would like to participate and contribute more data, It’d be swell. I’m proposing this simple format for now though if you’d like to contribute mroe details, feel free!

Just a couple of reminders before you start:

1-We’re not looking for people in the “I’d do him/her” category. We’re looking for “i’d marry him/her and not look at another man/woman for a few years at least”.

2-Exclude women who are too old or too young for you.

I’ll start:

Age: 26
Sex: Male
SO: Straight
Location: University Campus
80 women passed me by before I saw one that I thought was beautiful. (frightening). I saw about 15 in the “I’d do her category”.

Your turn!

i agree with the seinfeld episode. about 98 percent of the population is undatable. i mean, seriously, if you’re going by “uncompromisingly hot”, which, frankly, i think i should get because i don’t like settling, then your pool of aplicants has been greatly whittled down. seeing as how it’s late friday now, i shall perform this act on monday and let the original poster know the result.

The only crowded place I’m near is the entrance to the Veterans Administration Hospital where I work. It’s an even money bet that I could sit there for hours and not see anyone who met your criteria.

'Course there is that one nurse from the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. You know the one. She’s the one that stars in any porno film with “Nurses” in the title.

A little off from the OP but shows the point. When I was around 25 I was driving a delivery truck with a guy around 45. He said something very profound as I creep toward his age.

We were driving across a college campus with tons of people walking around. He said that I probably thought that there were three or four girls that were cute. He only saw three or four that wern’t

Some of us just have so much love to share :smiley:

I went to an undergrad college filled with lots of smelly hairy hippies (really–well “hippy” is a bit outdated, but the term works.) I soon discovered that if I like someone enough, she starts looking damn hot :cool:. Now I’m just not so picky. I actually find myself slightly turned off by the freakishly hott women.

Since I’m in grad school, and most of the women I see walking around are undergrads, I mostly walk by women and think, “Nope, too young.”

I wasn’t counting yesterday (I haven’t left the house yet today) but I’d say I was quite happy with the looks of ~90% of the age-appropriate women I saw yesterday.

I think I’m doing y’all a favor :wink:
(I’ll report back later today with more exact findings now that I’m paying attention)

I’m not doing this experiment because:

  1. I have high expectations so the number of no’s to yes’s will be pretty high.
  2. My eyes (and thoughts) are always drawn to female beauty, regardless of how attractvive the woman I’m dating is.
  3. Physical beauty is just one component of marriage potential.

But most importantly of all, this is the perfect opportunity to quote a Bill Maher wisdom on women, which goes:

“Show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a guy sick and tired of putting up with her shit.”
…Truer words on the subject have never been spoken, IMHO. :smiley:

This really depends on your where you are. I am 32 and my wife is objectively beautiful and looks like she is in her mid-twenties. I have pretty high standards.

Still, I have worked in lots of places in the last 8 years. The quality of female beauty varies highly by location and industry. I started out in the supermarket industry where there was only one beautiful female (my best friend) in the whole building. I got a job in the headquarters of a several shoe manufacturers and there was some serious hotness in the building but it was a little spotty. Last year, I got a contract job in the headquarters of an international fashion retailer and I had to make sure I took a notebook or something when I walked down the hall. It was quite distracting. Sometimes I would organize a meeting with people I never met before and I would think “you have got to be kidding me” when 5 honeys showed up. I am working somewhere else now and the hot factor is moderate.

Hot females are not distributed randomly. I could take you on a nature watching tour of Boston to show you them in their native habitat. That includes living and working arrangements.

I remember hanging out at a friend’s house who had several ladies over. All nice girls – mostly Panamanian – but none of them ever tripped my radar as being all that cute, to be perfectly honest. When I came back from the bathroom one of them was sitting in my chair.

Uh, Karen, you know you’re in my seat, right?

Too bad. You move, you lose.

I stared at her for about 5 seconds when I picked her up and dumped her ungallantly on the couch. The minute her ass hit the cushions, she bounced up on her feet and started cursing me out in an unrelenting tirade of Spanish and English. All I could think about, when I was looking down on her getting all pissed, waving her little fingers in my face was… Damn, Karen is cute. I like the pitch of her screaming my name. Look at her cussing me out. Aw.

Yeah, I’m exactly that weird.

Physical attraction to body type is one thing. Personality is a whole 'nother ball game.

LMFAO. This is so true! When I was in college, I would complain that there weren’t enough hotties on campus.

Now that I am an old, married man with kids, I return to campus for sporting events and I am amazed at all the attractive young co-eds (just observing, happily married here!).

I asked another of my old, married buddies where were they when we were in college.

He shared your friend’s philosophy, which is similar of Matthew Mcconaughey’s philosophy from Dazed and confused:

“That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”

Just wanted to check back in on this thread. I am mad at Gozu! I think he has made me a worse person.

I went to the mall today and as I sat on a bench waiting for my wife, I thought of this experiment.

Not only did I realize there are a lot of ugly people in the world, I also started “fixing” people.

“She’d be ok if she dropped 20.”

“Maybe a makeover would make her look better.”

“I’ll bet she was cute before she gave up on life!”


“Why does someone so cute have to have such a big ass?”

Great. Now I am judgemental. THANKS, Gozu!

Age: 27
Sex: Female
SO: Straight-ish
Location: Outside Tully’s, Market Street, Seattle (Ballard)

I don’t know how many people came and went, but it was a lot. Certainly over 100 in five minutes. The only conclusion I can come to is that I’m a little in love with everyone I see. Of course, when it comes to marriage, there are too many things to take into account besides physical attractiveness alone. I love my husband for more than his rippling muscles and dashing good looks . But if we’re talking superficiality alone… well, everyone I looked at, male and female alike, I could find a reason to fall in love with them, even if just a little bit. If I were forced to marry any one of them, I’d be okay.

I walked out of there blushing, and feeling kind of warm inside. I practically danced home to hug my husband.

Well! Well! Well! Will you look at that! That was certainly an unforeseen consequence of this thread. Now is this enough of a good thing to compensate for the sin of making middleman more judgemental?

I cannot decide!

"Just because they so pretty, that don’t mean that they so nice."
(possibly) ~Mose Allison~

Indeed. But it’s so obvious that I thought pointing it out would only be insulting to my fellow dopers.

No no you’re thinking of Brian the Dog on Family Guy.
heh heh.

I’m a little like Anastaseon. I don’t think I’m unattractive (and therefore just “settling” for anything), but I find a lot of people to be beautiful. Maybe I’m just looking for what I think is sexy and therefore notice the way some guy walks or the way some girl is standing or the sound of someone’s voice or the way that someone’s outift is put together or…I could go on and on, but if I weren’t already married, I’d fall in love a hundred times a day. (Mostly with men, but I can appreciate a beautiful woman despite my heterosexuality…)

I’ll try the experiment during tomorrow’s commute and see what happens. BTW, 24, female, straight.

That happens to all of us. And the women, too. At the country club they will sit around the pool and after too many drinks at lunch they will talk loudly about how hot all the young guys are, making the guys shudder.

Fascinating input. I hope more people join in.

It takes more than a pretty face and curvaceous body to . . . . .

The first time I met a cousin of my wife I thought she was the ugliest human being I had ever met.
To the contrary I changed my mind after a few family gatherings.
She turned out to be a very interesting personality and I totally forgot my first impression.

Good grief, do you seriously imagine I’m faithful to my husband simply because I think he’s hotter than average?

IMHO there is no-one that I could tell I wanted to spend the rest of my life with just by looking at them, and that includes my husband.

If I was choosing a casual f*ck I’d go for a Gael Garcia Bernal look-a-like, but if you put him beside my husband and asked me to choose one, I’d pick my guy everytime.

When you love someone you find them attractive, whether or not the rest of the world feels the same. That’s the point.