Okay everybody, list your "type"...

Not so much your ideal mate/partner, but those things which typically get you going and which you are instantly drawn to in a potential romantic/sexual partner.

Me, a female who is petite, short brunette hair, reasonably slim w/ small boobs, perky, energetic, sweet, and witty with a silly side will invariably get my attention almost every time.

Funny and not obese. That’s about it.

Wow, that is everything I look for as well. The only change is instead of short hair make it long hair (the longer the better). She also has to be smart. I am not a very smart person, so it isn’t that hard to be smarter than I, but she needs to be smart. Well read is also very important.

I like tall, kinda slim guys. And I’m a sucker for a great smile and a good laugh

Me: Male, 43.

5’ 2" (or less)
110 lbs (or less)
Long Red hair (the longer the better and none of this Auburn stuff - RED!)
Green eyes (Emerald Green)
Alabaster skin (Freckles are a big plus!)

Excuse me, I’ll be in my bunk.


He has to be smart, have a weird or dry sense of humor, blue eyes and cuddly. Open minded, no fundies of any sort allowed.

Tall, nerdy, somewhat rumpled, deep voice, long fingers, hair that won’t stay combed, brown eyes, kind. (In other words, my husband, except his eyes are grey.)

dark hair
brown eyes (or blue if he’s really fair-skinned too)
most often no more than 6 feet tall
no less than average weight (fit is good, but 10-15 pounds over ideal is okay too)

out-going! (this is the sole dealbreaker)
quick-witted in an engaging way (rather than a superior, pedantic one)
funny/kind of sarcastic, as long as it’s not directed at people in the immediate vicinity (there’s a difference between being clever and an asshole)

Nice ass, nice tits, nice legs, pretty face.

Be careful what you wish for …


I have been a little fussy on looks. The last two serious relationships I’ve been in were with exceptionally good looking women. The girl who broke my heart was stunning, with a catwalk model body (but sadly, batshit insane).

That said, the latest girl I had a thing with, when we first met, I thought to myself “what a shame she’s not hot”. Despite this, I now find her extremely alluring. And the previous fling was not conventionally attractive but drove me nuts sexually.

So I guess there’s an indefinable je ne sais quoi, which is very difficult to quantify.

Weight: from slim-with-curves to curvy (UK style curvy, that is). I do like a bit of a butt. Boobs: irrelevant. As long as they’re BOOBS! Hair: irrelevant. Skin tone: irrelevant. Height: irrelevant - the last three were shorter than me, the previous two taller. My ex wife is 4" taller than me, which meant I could never walk down the street with my arm round her shoulders, which was a shame.

But I guess, physicality aside, I tend to be drawn to very intelligent women with a bit of a wild past. Which doesn’t make for an easy life.

Filthy sense of humour essential.

Extremely tall, lanky, black hair, dark Mediterranean/Middle Eastern features, constant 5 o’clock shadow, single-digit body fat (like a taller, thinner, darker Nestor Carbonell). Nice smile, nice dick.

Smart, funny, honest, ethical without being moralistic, secular, independent, self-actualized. Able to accept all my flaws, while helping me to overcome them.

Sexually: a tireless bottom.

Yes, I’m describing my partner.

seriously direct links to embedded nuclear explosion grade sounds is rude and probably scared the living shit out of my upstairs neighbor as I am currently hooked into the stereo.

that said, I have a thing for younger women but nothing particularly specific. for me its mostly about a woman who is physically healthy, and bold/funny/smart/not high maintenance mentally.

Dark, plump, big breasts, wide hips, long hair.
Blonde, slender, petite, busty, short hair.
Redhead, curvaceous, freckles, wavy hair.
Black, tall, athletic, muscular.
Asian, busty, plump, mature.

I can’t decide. But in any case…

Brains, expressive face, those little quirks around the mouth.

You nailed it.

I don’t have a “type” of woman to which I am “instantly drawn to in a potential romantic/sexual partner.” I’m not taking my clothes off any women until I know her fairly well, it’s only when I like and care about her that I would wish to pleasure her.

yes ladies, I’m still single :o

reply 1 (brain):

  • sense of humour*
  • honest
  • patient
  • intelligent
  • sweet
  • put up with my nerdy interests**

reply 2 (groin):

hot :eek:

*A teacher sees a pupil leading a penguin down the road.
“Take that to the zoo!” he demands.
The pupil nods obediently.

Next day, same pupil, same penguin.
“I told you to take it to the zoo!!”
“I did, Sir. And today I’m taking it to the movies.”

**chess, roleplaying, computer games. Oh yes - the full Monty. :smack:

How do you get them to wear your clothes? :confused: :smiley:

Intelligent (i.e. able to put up with my rambling about work and understand what I’m talking about), wicked sense of humour, eyes you can get lost in and nice strong arms that he’ll wrap around me.

I thank you 4 pointing out my forgotten 4 in that sentence. I don’t know how I could have 4gotten the 4, 4 one of my favorite pastimes is 4play.
I can only hope to be 4given. :smack: