5 Reasons Your Team Will Win the World Series

Thread title says it all. Here’s my 5 for the Cardinals:

  1. Albert Pujols is Baseball Jesus. He’s the reincarnation of Joe DiMaggio.
  2. Sidney Ponson is hoping Anheuser-Busch will reward him for a WS win.
  3. The easiest way to pay off a new ballpark is to win. A lot.
  4. Roger Clemens: not an Astro this year.
  5. Scott Rolen is healthy.
  1. The rest of the NL West is too weak.
  2. Despite starting this season injured, Nomar Garciaparra will come back and have his best season in quite some time.
  3. When Izturis gets healthy, which should be soon, they will be in a position to make a trade for another valuable arm.
  4. Furcal.
  5. Did I mention the rest of the NL West is relatively weak?

I love baseball.

  1. The Yankee line-up is frightening. Damon, Jeter, Sheffield, A-Rod, Giambi, Matsui, Posada, Williams and Cano. The First 8 might average a .400 OBA 900+ runs
  2. Yankees are overdue, well for the Yankees :wink:
  3. Farm system is in much better shape, allowing for mid-season trades if any holes are exposed.
  4. Captain Jeter
  5. Greatest Closer Ever is still going strong.

Still suffering from a chili dog coma, only now do I realize I just posted why we’ll win our division, rather than painting the bigger picture. :smack:

I’m having a hard time seriously getting us past the Cards this year, even with all the talent we have. With another solid starter…maybe. It will definitely take some luck, too.

  1. The other 31 teams die in a freakish accident.
  2. Jason Bay has the single greatest season of all time, with 300 RBIs and 100 dingers.
  3. The Steelers won, so shame will make the 'Rats play better.
  4. The Yankees suck.
  5. The last championship the Pirates won was in 1979. Before this year, the last Super Bowl the Steelers won was in…1979 (the 79-80 season). Coincidence? I think not.

Those notwithstanding, the Pirates are toast this year, as usual. .500 is the best we Pirate fans can hope for, and even that’s optimistic.

I think Pirates fans have a good bit to hope for. Tracy’s a big improvement over Lloyd McClendon, and the nucleus of a good young team is there. I can see the Pirates and Brewers contending for a division title in a couple of years.

I forgot to add reason 5a: I’ll be sitting in the Right Field bleachers with my fellow Creatures for at least 8 games.

Jim {Sure Airman, pick on the Yanks, its just jealousy after all}

Uh, Dave, just noticed this: where did the 2 extra teams come from? Last I checked, there were only 30 teams total in the majors.

That’s how much luck the Pirates need this year. They need two teams that don’t even exist to die in a freakish accident to win the Series. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Carlos Zambrano
  2. It’s the last curse available
  3. In accordance with the prophecy.
  4. I couldn’t get any tickets in September
  5. Last thing to do before Wrigley completely crumbles to the ground

And, as I’m obligated to do:

5 reasons the Cubs have no hope of winning the World Series

  1. Simulated strikeouts don’t count, so Wood and Prior are useless.
  2. Two words: Dusty. Baker.
  3. Summer is still scheduled for June, July and August.
  4. Postseason play would interfere with modifications to Wrigley Field to earn Tribune Co. more money.
  5. St. Louis Cardinals not expected to change sports to field hockey this season.
  1. Beltran will prove that last years slump was simply a fluke.
  2. Glavine contributes some nice experience and control to a solid pitching core.
  3. Reyes will show more maturity this year and his numbers will shine.
  4. Lo Duca is the best actor ever
  5. Have you seen Mr. Met?

Mets all the way in '06!

  1. Beltran will prove that last year’s slump was simply a fluke.
  2. Glavine contributes some nice experience and control to a solid pitching core.
  3. Reyes will show more maturity this year and his numbers will shine.
  4. Lo Duca is the best actor ever
  5. Have you seen Mr. Met?

Who’d they get? It’s been a while since I heard anything nice about the Yankees’ farm system.

  1. CC Sabathia will lose 50 lbs
  2. Aaron Boone will stay healthy
  3. The entire White Sox team will get Ebola
  4. All the teams we play will get a mad case of “butterfingers”
  5. The Indians are sold to The Devil (because we all know that God hates Cleveland (see Superbowl XL))

You’ve got to like my Blue Jays:

  1. They had the best pitching staff in the division last year and they improved it.
  2. Troy Glaus adds a lot of offense.
  3. Bengie Molina’s a great defensive catcher.
  4. The Yankees are too old.
  5. Probably no other team in baseball has such a large number of its players in the prime years, and so few important players older than 32.

Tch. And we were getting along so well up til now. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Vlad’s healthy
  2. Our new lefthander Romero is exactly the reliever we needed in our rotation. Man’s got a nasty curve.
  3. We have the AL Cy Young winner (I don’t care. Dispute it all you want, he still won it.)
  4. We slapped the Yanks like they wuz red headed step children last year, and we’ll do it this year, too.
  5. I have a bet with my husband that we’ll do better than his O’s. Not that that’s a chore.

Why my Orioles will win:

  1. Daniel Cabrera gets it (thanks, Leo) wins 20.
  2. Rockin’ Leo boosts the whole (decent already) rotation.
  3. Hi Opal!
  4. Mora wants to get paid in free agency, has monster year, spurs Tejada to do same. Combine for 70 HRs, 250 RBIs.
  5. um… sunspots. :smiley:
  1. Milton Bradley is gone (too bad for the A’s).
  2. Furcal, Mueller, Garciaparra make it a totally re-tooled infield.
  3. Gagne is healthy.
  4. Enough depth in the pitching staff to be able to trade to fix holes.
  5. The NL West is weak, weak, weak, and the Giants suck, suck, suck. All we have to do is beat the Padres.
  1. Schilling is healthy.
  2. Foulke is healthy.
  3. Manny is happy. So far.
  4. Theo came back.
  5. Papi.