5 Reasons Your Team Will Win the World Series

  1. The Yankees will age overnight, and fall apart.
  2. The Red Sox are, of course, the Red Sox, and being the Red Sox, will fall apart.
  3. The Blue Jays will show early speed, then fall apart.
  4. The Devil Rays have never been not fallen apart.
  5. The fountain of youth will finally be discovered, and by June the starting rotation will consist of McNally, Cuellar, Palmer, and Dobson.

I went to Friday’s exhibition game against the Angels. If Gagne’s performance there was any indication, I’m seriously worried.

Assuming tomorrow night doesn’t get rained out, hopefully I’ll see him in action in his proper role then.

How about 5 more reasons???

  1. Carlos Delgado will finally stand for “God Bless America” causing New York fans to celebrate and cheer him onto his greatest season ever.
  2. Scientists at the Nike institute, along with researchers at the Gatorade institue, develop the cure for Pedro’s big toe pain. He also feels good because he’s “gellin’”
  3. Kaz Matsui is pronounced healthy and ready to play when he falls down a flight of stairs that empty out over a steep clif breaking most of the bones in his body. Adrain Hernandez goes on to win the gold glove at 2nd base.
  4. Billy Wagner actually likes Metalica.
  5. David Freakin’ Wright.
    400 posts! Where does the time go?

I usually wait until the Spirit moves me to pick who’s going to be “my team” each year.

Don’t laugh; last year we were about a month into the season and I picked the White Sox. (Granted, this had nothing to do with their baseball prowess. I just decided they were cool.)

This year I’m leaning toward the Padres or Tigers, but I’m not really feeling a team yet…

  1. The Mets’ free agent signings will all collapse because they’re the Mets, and that’s what always happens to the guys they sign.
  2. The Yankees are still too old.
  3. The Cardinals can’t get it together.
  4. The A’s can’t win in the postseason, and the Dodgers are kidding themselves.
  5. Atlanta’s young guys will continue to grow, the veterans will keep producing, and their pitchers will have outstanding seasons now that they have to prove Leo Mazzone wasn’t holding them together with wizardry and sealing wax. So they win the Series.

1b. Theo or no Theo, the “idiots” days are over for the Red Sox.
2b. The Blue Jays paid WAY too much for an inexperienced, unproven closer, an over-the-hill Troy Glaus, and a National League pitcher with a career record under .500.
3b. The White Sox are going to learn how hard it is to repeat when everyone is gunning for you.
4b. The Twins and A’s are too small-market, and the NL is just not as strong as the AL this year.
5b. The Yankees have assembled one of the most productive lineups ever, and Randy Johnson will be Randy Johnson again this year. So they win the Series.

Maybe I’m cheating a bit, but I live in a Yankee household and I’m used to having this loyalty situation.

Luckily, I have dosed them with andidote.

Only need one reason: AJ Pierzynski comes up clutch. Look at last post-season if you have any doubts.

And, this Thome character is on pace for 100+ HR this season. That might help.

Boy, you guys come up with fun challenges, don’t you?

5 reasons the Royals will win the World Series (I’ll do this Letterman style):

  1. Clever 10-year campaign to get other teams to underestimate their abilities, become overconfident and screw up will finally pay off.
  2. Have cornered the market on back-of-uniform letters due to acquisition of Grudzielanek and Mientkiewicz, causing opposing teammates to forget one anothers’ names.
  3. Zack Grienke will return from the looney bin with a set of six uniform numbers the Royals should use, giving them good luck and causing bad luck for everyone around them.
  4. Bud Selig’s steroid investigation will return with the obvious conclusion that no team is as clearly steroid-free as the Royals, and he will award them the title on that basis.

And the number one reason the Royals will win the World Series…

  1. Allard Baird put up a big “Mission Accomplished” banner outside Kauffman Stadium, so we know the World Series is in the bag.

This is a relative thing, The farm system was near empty the last two years (despite Cano & Wang) and this year they actually have some prospects. It still isn’t a good farm system, but at least there is enough to make one or two key trades if needed.

**Maureen **: Can’t help it I am third Generation Yankee Fan and I was born in the Bronx.

I know your kidding, but this won’t affect The Yanks and RedSox, no names on the uniforms. :wink:

Marley23: I glad there is at least half a Yankee supporter besides me. :smiley:


What Exit?:

Well, they’re just so full of themselves they don’t care what their teammates’ names are. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Sox have names on their road uniforms.

  1. Jose Reyes will absorb the wisdom of Rickey Henderson and have an on-base percentage of .475, and will sucessfully steal second, third, and home each time he gets to first. Willie will see the light of day and bat Carlos Beltran 2nd, and he will do the same. Or, possibly, the Mets will just sign Rickey Henderson and start him and Julio Franco, saving enough money with AARP hotel and restaurant discounts to buy another arm in July. David Wright becomes the best 3rd baseman in New York, and Xavier Nady continues to hit 1.000 the rest of the season. Someone kills Victor Zambrano by hitting him over the head with Kaz Matsui. Brian Bannister and Aaron Heilman collectively go 45-10. Pedro sets an unlikely MLB record by pitching 3 no-hitters in a row. Opposing batters go 0.45 against Billy Wagner.

  2. It turns out that Leo Mazzone was the real brains behind everything in Atlanta, and Bobby Cox makes his in-game moves by reading blogs in the dugout. Mets win the division.

  3. Mets meet whoever wins the NL West with a sub-.500 record in the first round of the playoffs. Go on the the NLCS.

  4. Albert Pujols converts to Orthodox Judaism, does not play the 3 NLCS games on Fridays nights and Saturday afternmoon, Mets win pennant.

  5. In the World Series, Mets meet a Yankee team that has squeaked by the A’s and the wild-card Twins but is much reduced, with Sheffield and Giambi in federal prison, and Matsui, Damon, and Posada on the DL. Mets win games 1 and 4 against Randy Johnson, oddly enough both on pinch-hit RBI doubles by recent callup Dae Sung Koo. After tying game 7 in the 9th (with an Endy Chavez triple off a weary Mariano), they finally go ahead in the bottom of the 17th with a walkoff home run by Lastings Milledge. Jeter, A-Rod, and Bernie Williams strike out against Billy Wagner in his 10th inning of relief. Mets win Series.

Cleveland Will Win the World Series

  1. Travis Haffner continues to improve
  2. Grady Sizemore continues to improve
  3. Jhonny Peralta continues to improve, and encourages people named “John” to change the spelling to “Jhon”
  4. Victor Martinez continues to improve
  5. LeBron James joins team after leading Cavs to NBA title and leads Tribe to World Series championship.

Travis Haffner is officially: the sexiest man in baseball.

How that applies here, I’m not sure.

Write him a letter and tell him that. Then perhaps he will keep his sexy face out of the way of flying baseballs, and play a full season.

“Welcome to Shea Field at Denny’s Early Bird Special Stadium, the home of YOUR New York Mets…”

Boston will win it again because:

  1. Starting pitching is deeper than anyone’s except maybe the White Sox.
  2. Bullpen is deeper than in any recent year.
  3. So what if Foulke is done, Papelbon and Hansen are ready.
  4. Manny and Papi will do what they always do, 45 HR’s anad 120 RBI apiece.
  5. 3 words: Wily. Mo. Pena. The next Dave Kingman, in every sense.

I am, however, strongly swayed by the Cubs only-curse-left argument. Suddenly we’re down from 3 to 1 franchise that last won it before the Armistice. The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate seems quite insistent on cleaning the slate as we proceed into a new century. It also means the Yankees, who haven’t won it in this millenium, never will again, but you can blame their shaky rotation instead if you like.

  1. Roger Clemens stays an Astro this year.
  2. Jeff Bagwell, an HOFer but waaay past his prime, is replaced by someone that can contribute.
  3. Lance Berkman recovers fully from last year’s ACL injury and resumes the type of hitting he displayed in the ASG.
  4. Morgan Ensberg doesn’t pull another major hitting slump in the playoffs.
  5. The White Sox are all quarantined for bird flu as the WS begins.

5 more reason the CUBS will win the Autumn Classic[ol]
[li]4 Cubs pitchers will pitch over 200 innings. (and 700 of those won’t be all Zambrano)[/li][li]Cubs have finally grasped the concept of run manufacture…speed at the top.[/li][li]Very good lineup for NL (Speed at the top, power inthe middle, and probably the best-hitting NL catcher downto the bottom. Jacques Jones will hit .300 with 25 dingers.[/li][li]Hendry / McPhail will pull off a great trade for Tejada after the O’s fall out of the ALEast race (late April?)[/li][li]Cubs fans, incensed at the thought of those declasse South Siders and their smugness, demand more, and they’re not kidding this time![/li][/ol]

Wow…it even sounds hollow to me.

But the Cards will suck as always!


And the prophet spoke, and it was so.

Oh please, dear Jesus, um… Mother Mary full of grease… no, um… hollow be thy name… Well, something, anyway.

It’d be a lot more persuasive if Wood and Prior weren’t already on the DL.