To win the world series next year............

What does your favorite baseball team need to do to win the world series next year? Personally as a STL Cardinals fan I think that we need to go out and get at least a starting pitcher ace (Randy Johnson) and a couple hard throwing right handers and a hard throwing left handler down in our bullpen. We deffinetly need to resign Renteria, but I think Edmonds and Matheny are expendible. Other than that I think we’ll be fine and should be able to compete with the cubs and astros again.

The Cubs need to consult a VooDoo priestess, say a handful of novenas, take down all the mirrors in the clubhouse, have an exorcism, trade Sammy, shoot steve stone, play only day baseball at home, and maybe, just maybe, get Dusty some new glasses.

Steve already quit. He doesn’t need to be shot, too, does he?

Steve Stone was the only cub announcer (besides ron santo) who actually knew what he was talking about when it came to the baseball game itself. Chip Caray is just a little bitch riding the coat tails of his family name. Perhaps I have a tainted view though, since I am a cardinal fan.

A bullpen that I don’t feel murderous urges toward, some above average hitters to bat around that one old guy. I mean, having a ridiculously high OBP is nice, but if there were some better hitters in the lineup, perhaps that could be acheived through hits rather than an absurd number of walks.

My friend Mark needs to leave the country for a week. (Hey, it worked for Boston – now if we could just figure out how to fine-tune the mojo so it would do something for his beloved Cubbies…)

Play exactly like they did this year, and not like they did the previous 86 years. :cool:

Fire Bill Stoneman, bring in one or two high-OBP, high-SLG hitters and a decent starter.

Keep the team healthy. We (Blue Jays) were destroyed by injury.

Find new relief pitchers. Or better yet, stick with the same bunch for longer than two months so maybe they can find their groove.

The Cardinals could have won the World Series this year; they just didn’t for some reason. If they had a hole that needed patching, it was certainly their pitching; although the starters are capable of more than they actually delivered in the WS. One thing the Cards don’t have is a DH, which might help them win a WS but won’t help them get there!

Huh, I read the thread title as “To win the world’s sexiest ear…” for a moment there.
Sorry, Carry on.

I seriously doubt the Mets can do anything to win the World Series next year. They can improve if they drop Franco, try to get a deal for Piazza, and sign a free-agent first baseman and outfielder. Most importantly, they need to tell the Wilpons to sit back and and let the baseball professionals run the team: they hired Minyana, so let him do his job.

Yankees need:
1- Left handed relief
2- Starting pitching
3- Young centerfielder

The Phillies need(ed):

  1. To fire Larry Bowa. One down.

  2. To not hire Grady Little. For the love of God, no!

  3. To pick up at least one, more likely two more starting pitchers. That’s going to be hard, especially as they might lose Eric Milton.

  4. To keep the bullpen healthy.

  5. To…ah, hell, screw it. Ain’t gonna happen. :frowning:

As another STL fan, I thinkn the off-season’s top priority is signing Renteria long-term. I don’t see Edmonds as expendable though. He plays stellar center field, bats for average and power (albeit he is streaky at the plate). Who would we get to play center field in his place? Who could we get out there who wouldn’t hurt the team either offensively or defensively?

Matheny, however, I do believe is expendable, especially with the arrival of Yadier Molina at the Big League level. I’d like to see him come back for one more year though, to help bring Molina along. Hell the guy’s made ONE error in 2 and a half seasons.

But aside from the possibility of losing Matheny and Renteria, we’ll be trotting out the same lineup as this year.

And I don’t think we need a big money pitcher like Randy Johnson (although that’d be sweet), we just need some pitchers who can keep the ball in the park and let that defense work behind them. Between Edmonds, Walker, Rolen, Renteria, and Matheny the team puts a lot of Gold Gloves on the field every game (And Sir Albert showed himself to be none too shabby at 1st base either). There’s no need to have a pitcher who gets a lot of Ks with that kind of stability in the field.

But, since I agree we do need some pitching help (Morris is a free agent and will possibly not get re-signed due to money issues – Williams has a team option, which I think the club will pick up, but the following is case Williams leaves also): I’m thinking Haren will likely take one of those sopts, and depending on how high the team is on Ankiel, he may be the other guy to round out the starting five. We have an option on Carpenter for next year, and I don’t think the club is dumb enough to let him go. My prediction for the starting rotation for 2005 (in no particular order) is Carp, Marquis, Suppan, Haren, and Williams. Ankiel in place of Woody if Woody is let go. But there’s still a shot that the club can sign Pavano or Ortiz, who will both be free agents this winter. Pedro Martinez will also be on the market, but I don’t know if the Cards can afford him. Odalis Perez is on the market I think, and despite his 7-6 record of last year, his ERA was 3.26 in 190+ innings pitched and he’s a lefty. Outside shot of the club letting Steve Kline walk and putting Ankiel in the bullpen.

But due to the fact the team needs to buck up and keep Renteria here, there’s not much chance of getting a top-tier free agent pitcher, not on this team’s budget. Look for the pitching help to come from inside the organization or Jockety has to do some wicked trading deals.

But, now that I’ve gotten all long-winded… in answer to your OP, I don’t think the Cards needs to do much. After all, would we have been better in the World Series if Kline and Carp were available to pitch? Woody had been dependable once he got over his early season injury problems, who knew he’d start Game 1 like that? Sure our team got out-pitched, but I don’t think that’s the fault of the staff that won 105 games during the regular season. (Except WTF happened to a usually dependable Woody Williams in Game 1?) Our bats went cold after Game 1. The Red Sox shut us down, but our guys didn’t hand them insurmountable leads in games 2-4. We could have won with what we had, IMO, we just need some hits and to capitalize on their mistakes (NINE errors in the first two games and we lost?) and stop making mistakes of our own on the bases when we DO manage to get a baserunner.

…the Orioles need to be the only team in the American League. And the National League. Or to have the entire team comprise of a giant blancmange from Spiridon in Andromeda. Or just get rid of Peter Angelos (the entire clan). Turn him into a Scotsman, I don’t know…


Are you trying to win the World Series or Wimbledon?

The biggest thing that would help the Cubs is healthy starting pitching. I would think that a full season of Wood and Prior at full strength as opposed to starts by people like Glendon Rusch would lead to a couple of extra wins.

Trade Sammy. I think the Cubs can probably sign a couple of pretty good outfield free agents and use Sammy to bring in some bullpen help and a quality back up infielder.

Hypnotize Dusty Baker until he is over this sick fascination with playing guys like Neifi Perez, Rey Ordonez, Tom Goodwin, and Ramon Martinez. For muchthe same price, the Cubs can sign players that actually get on base at a slightly more consistent clip.

I would expect improved seasons from Wood, Prior, Patterson (year 2 post ACL surgery), Clement (assuming he’s back) and Lee.

I would expect worse seasons from Barrett, Remlinger, Alou (assuming he’s back), Sosa (assuming he’s back).

Everyone else will be pretty similar.

We need to re-sign Varitek, at whatever price it takes. That isn’t a good general policy, but our entire pitching game depends upon it.

Next, we’re losing (so to speak) Lowe and maybe Pedro, Schilling will be recuperating, and Wakefield ain’t so young no more. Kim (remember him?) has an offer from Japan on the table and should/will be allowed to take it. Just go away, BK.

Starters. Must have starters. Should get Pavano and probably Radke, and can probably keep Pedro anyway. There will be enough salary freed up by the Lowe, Mendoza, and Kim contracts to handle the new guys’ nicely, and they’re adding more seats next year anyway, dunno where.

Shortstop next. Probably re-sign Cabrera for 3 years or so, Vizquel seems locked into the White Sox and Guzman isn’t as good, and Nomar ain’t comin’ back even if we wanted him. Pokey may want to go back to Cincinnati, which is convenient since Barry Larkin may want to come here, even as a backup. The guys at AA and A ball are hot prospects, but that don’t mean squat until they make it (“Potential is a Latin word that means you ain’t worth a damn yet” - Red Auerbach).

Bullpen: May need another setup man, but they’re not expensive. First base: Maybe give Mientkewicz a chance to start with Millar off the bench. Elsewhere: We’re set.

Won’t be easy to see Pedro in pinstripes, but we’re raising the banner in front of the Yanks’ faces at the home opener.

(honestly, thanks for the giggle – been one of them kinda days.)