500 already!

The click-on isn’t working,but I’m guessing this may be my 500th post(as orangecakes,that is),in only 6 weeks. I think you all are great(even phil,who once called me moronic! ;)). Some I like more than others :wink: Yes,this is a shameless bid to get accolades(or whatever ya call it).Any of you still like me,lemme know(and I’ll buy you a t-shirt with Cecils’ picture on it!). me

The poster beneath me is really smart!

The click-on thing (I like that technical term) shows you at 511, so you did indeed reach the magic mark. And, I like you so where’s my shirt? XL please.
Keep posting, you are fun to read (and other accolades, but I am in a rush at the moment)

This was also a shameless attempt on my part to bring my posting number just a little bit higher.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Wow! I’m just a touch over 700 <smile> my how time flies…

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

How the hell do you guys do it?

I’ve been here since April and I only have 375 posts!

Nice going, Orangecakes. I bow to the proliferation of your posts.

Just don’t gloat too much when you finally pass me up. :wink:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Congrads Orangecakes.

I like you. You seem to be a really nice person. If we can get you down to Atlanta you will be even better. We are trying to get a Christmas time get together here in Atlanta. You can join us and see how much fun we are.

I know that I am currently over 600 but not sure how far over.


Okay this is actually 759 for me. I guess I was higher than I realized.

Also, Orangecakes, is that your real occupation? You had jewelry salesperson before.

Also, I heard this morning on the news that Atlanta has the highest pay for the Southeast. An average of $16.75 per hour. Considering that Taco Bell pays like $8 per hour, there must be some really good jobs paying a lot out there.

Come on down Orange.


Had to post again to get to 760.



Yes,Monday I start at Abbott’s Cards and Gifts(at Westgate pl),and I’ll like it better. My friend who lives near Birmingham,is coming up sometime in the winter on business,so I’m gonna try to get him to drive us down there;its not far to Atlanta from his hicktown in Bama.I don’t want to post too often,always leave em wanting more. :wink:

Birmingham is a couple of hours or so west of Atlanta. Come on by.

Hope things go well with your new job.

How often is too often when you are over 500 posts in 6 weeks?


Another one hits the big five-oh-oh! Congratulations! Take a vacation, you probably need it.

This is post #438 (in eight weeks, or so) for me, by the way, so you should be seeing my self-congratulatory thread any day now…

God is dead. -Nietzsche
Nietzsche is dead. -God
Neitzsche is God. -Dead

1674 and counting…

I swear I do have a life, honest!

Yer pal,

OC said:

You mean you didn’t recognize that badge of being part of the in group here? :wink:

right Satan,you can make 1600 posts,but ya can’t answer my e-mail inquiry about yer fine state!humphhh.

heh heh,sorry. Just checked my e-mail,forget I posted that Brian. :o Strtrk777,lemme have some more info on your fine state. Schools? Parks? Churches? Thank you. Rose

I know exactly how you feel sterling, I’m somewhere above 300(i think) and I’ve been here since April as well.

So exactly how do you do it? I can get maybe 1 or two posts a day, tops. So let’s see here, some simple math … 500posts/(6 weeks X 7 days a week) = aprox 12 posts a day! Where do you find the time?

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Congrats, 'cakes!

I visited your webpage - good lookin’ kid and I can see where he gets it. But you’ve got a couple of little typos on the address in your profile - the / before the html should be a . and get rid of the . at the end.


I like your posts, orangecakes.

Keep 'em coming.


This space for rent.

Sorry, orangecakes, you are no longer my favourite poster who’s name has orange in it. :slight_smile:

::fuming with envy::

Just kidding! Congrats :slight_smile:


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I was just trying to figure who else is called orangesomething! You fooled me,Cess!“fee fi fo fum!” You know what I mean :wink: