50th Anniversary DopeFest

2023 is the 50th Anniversary of the Straight Dope. Where should we hold the biggest DopeFest ever?

Chicago has an obvious appeal. A “return to the nest” kinda thing. But any other suggestions? We should put in our reservations early to get the group discount. (I’m thinking a farm outside Woodstock, New York might be fitting.)

And the best part is everyone who gets in on the ground floor of this wing-ding will be able to drink (if they so choose) when it rolls around.


Well, we could always go to Macon, Georgia.


Well, by 2023 we should be able to get a spot in that hip and happenin’ space station lounge. I hear they have the best bartenders up there (heavy pourers, if you know what I mean) and some really great synthesized filet mignon!

I’ll be sixty one years old then. I better be able to get a seat at the bar!!!

Me too. I’m hoping Jane D’oh will still be able to get us a kickin’ discount on our hotel stay, even if its on that station in geosynchronous orbit over the pole. Say, $400 a night or so would probably be a bargain by then.

So, Jane, how’re you gonna feel having this 79-year-old hitting on you at the bar?

Wherever it’s held, they’d better have defibrillators on hand and a nurse.

Hotel, schmotel.

We can have it on the tropical island I buy after fleeing the United States under questionable circumstances in the dark of night with a suitcase full of diamonds and a large stack of negotiable bonds.

I hope you’ll all come, because it’s probably the only way I’ll be able to attend.

[sub]Rassin’ frassin’ international extradition treaties. . .[/sub]

I’ll be 39. Whoa, that’s old.

Jane, I’ll be 61 also. We can get a table in the corner and complain about the way all these youngsters are acting nowadays.

::whaps BKB upsied the head with her titanium walker::

**&@%$ing young pups

This is shapin’ up to be a great dopefest, no matter where it is.

Complainin’ about kids these days, tropical islands, hotel rooms and samclem makin’ google eyes. (At least I hope they’re google eyes and not a stroke or some other maladay.) :smiley:

Damn. I’ll only be 58, not nearly old enough to qualify for the AARD discount.

Count me in though, by then the duckling will be on her own and I can travel. I hate being left out.

hmmm, I’ll turn 69 that year - age, I mean - get outta the gutter!!! Sure, pencil me in. I like the idea of Zappo’s private island.

Hey, Zap, you gonna send a plane for me? Your private luxury jet? The one where the flight attendants give foot rubs to ease the stress of long flights? We’re such good friends after all…


I’ve penciled it into my calendar.

Would 2003 be too early to purchase my plane ticket?

Slams the Big Kahuna Burger’s head into a nearby lamppost. See, 39 is not so old now is it. Kids these days, sheesh.

There is no way I will roadtrip to an orbital space station for this.

Ya spavid old geezer. The party’s gone outta ya hasn’t it? No wonder ya can’t trust anyone over 60.

What d’ya mean, send the plane for you? Jeez, you want me to send the plane down the hall to your suite? Man, talk about l-a-z-y! :smiley: :wink:

You realize of course that this thing would be Groundhog day, right?

Perhaps we should even take the fest mobile. I mean we got plenty engineers here and there and will doubtlessly have more 21 years, surely they can rig something up to get that party flying.

Forgot to finish my first thought.
And it will be [color=blue]COLD[/cold] in Chicago.