Who would go to a "superdopefest"

This is just an idea, I’m not sure if it has been proposed.

How about a “superdopefest”. Planned about a year in advance in a central location (roughly). Maybe even around Chicago for the hell of it (being the Mecca of the doper, I’d guess. hehe)?

Get as many people together as possible and do the local stuff. With a large number of people there is even the possibility of renting a movie theater or other entertainment center for a night.

Just an odd thought that came to me a while back… Would anybody be interested in such a dopefest?

:o I thought I was posting to IMHO… Sorry all.

“Super” is traditionally smaller than “Mega”, so why would we downgrade?

I tried to start interest in this about a year and a half ago. Everyone immediately started complaining about the cost. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would definitely attend and I would HELP to plan it. the key is to have a committee to get a block of hotel rooms or hotels, someone to scout flights, committee for entertainment.

Chicago or Vegas seem like the ideal places.

Chicago, the Doper Mecca?

Pshaw, as IF. Have you folks ever BEEN to Amsterdam? :wink:

If you have a big old Dopefest in the summer, I can probably make it anywhere on the continental US. That teaching thing has its perks… so yeah, I’m interested.

I HAVE been to Amsterdam… I love Amsterdam… I would suggest Rotterdam as well :slight_smile:

Amsterdope was a blast, lets go there again!

BTW the NYC Megadopefest every January already fits the bill for what you’re looking to do.

I agree Amsterdam is THEholy city of dope…ers.

I hate big cities with Amsterdam one of the few exceptions.

You’ve obviously had a case of Jupiler too many. Seriously, what is so interesting about Rotterdam, other than the fact that it’s got the world’s biggest harbour? :slight_smile:

Just so you have a little bit of data, clayton_e, the two New York Megafests I’ve attended and the LA Doptoberfest all drew ~70+ people, I believe. The two we’ve had in Vegas were much smaller, with about 15 the first time (well, the board was much smaller in 2000) and about 25 at the second, last year.

I’m a likely attendee if you put something together.

I’m interested.

Me too.

I’m in!

Where I live (far northern NY) is not an ideal place for a dopefest… Not much to do around here.

On the list of the perspective places so far suggested are:

Chicago, Vegas, Amsterdam (ah the puns…), and Rotterdam (?).

Any other suggestions? (and why)

I’m interested. It would seem that Vegas would be relatively cheap for everyone to fly in, however looking at Ringo’s attendance numbers it doesn’t look good. I can’t imagine why though. I’ve never been to Vegas, but it would seem like the perfect place. I am a semi-likely attendee, if given enough notice. Great idea!

BTW, I would attend regardless of where it is held.

You mean Megaman will kick Superman’s butt!?!? :smiley:

As for the fest: I am in; if by then I have a good job.

I’d consider it, depending on where it was.

Things to consider:

  1. availability, and quality of, mass transit. This mainly includes planes and trains, but also bus and especially subway.

  2. eats. A large-enough city is going to have plenty of these, but a large-enough city might also be prohibitively expensive for some of us who have minimum wage (or not much better) jobs.

  3. lodgings. Again, a small city probably won’t have a huge hotel (maybe a motel or two), but a large city might be cost-prohibitive.

  4. US-only or international? If it’s US-only, then probably somewhre around Illinois or maybe a bit further south is the way to go. If it’s international, I’d go with someplace a bit more northern and definitely more eastern, although I still don’t think I’d have it in Europe.

  5. Minors. Minors, minors, minors. There’s this thing called the drinking age. In Canada it’s 3 years younger than here (which, in my mind, along with the weaker dollar there, is an argument for holding it there), but in this country there are many, many dopers are are under 21 (this has been, ah, an issue for me in the past, and will be an issue for my fiancee until 2005). Getting them into an after-dinner bar might not be possible. Hell, getting them into a dinner place that cards might not be possible (cf. chidope, and very nearly another one).

  6. planning in advance. A lot of people will say “sounds interesting to me” and then promptly forget about it for the next six months until you say “hey, everyone, remember this?”. And then a good number of those people (through no fault of their own) will have that weekend and the five before and six after booked. You have to get definite committments early enough that you know what you’re dealing with.

  7. all. that. planning. I have never organized a dopefest. I have helped to coordinate carpools to fests, but I have never planned one. Why? Because if I want a headache I can go run into a brick wall. I will go if I can, and I will do my level-headed (ha) best to give advanced notice as much as I can, but beyond that uh-uh.

  8. finding a date people can all agree on. Even for a smaller fest (50-75) people, this can be sheer Hell. Planning a year and a half in advance for 100+ people is like trying to fit all those people into one car of a subway bus … thing … transporter? No thankyou.

Alllllllllll that said, I’d love to go if I’m free:)