60 Minutes' Lara Logan - sexually assaulted while covering Egypt Revolution

Breaking news on Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/15/lara-logan-suffered-bruta_n_823677.html

Good lord.

First, I wish her health and strength in the face of something like this.

Second - I really don’t like thinking about how this could end up getting treated in the media…

Sickening to even think about.

She was arrested Feb 3 and briefly detained. She ran into some ugly crowds then. Luckily nothing happened. All the reporters were getting threatened & slapped around then.

I’m surprised anything happened when Mubarak resigned. The crowds were happy and thrilled. There wasn’t any anger towards reporters.

There are always bad apples out there willing to take advantage of any perceived opportunity.

I’m sorry to hear this happened.

It seems likely to me that there were pro-Mubarak forces in the crowd who believed that Mubarak’s downfall was caused by outside agitation. There were several assaults on western journalists by pro-Mubarak thugs before February 11, although not this bad.

I admire the courage of reporters like Lara Logan who take personal risks to get the truth out. All the foreign journalists who went to Egypt to cover this revolution knew they were putting themselves in danger. This doesn’t excuse the criminal behavior of the goons who attacked Ms. Logan.

I hope the U.S. State Department puts pressure on the Egyptian military to get to the bottom of this.

Sickening, absolutely disgusting to hear about this. I think anyone who’s followed her reporting over the years must have admired her courage and professionalism. My wife and I both felt sick to our stomachs to hear this on the news this evening. Our heart goes out to her husband, her child and all the family and friends by her side at the hospital now.

I’m still trying to understand how this could have happened, both how she was separated and how apparently a number of men could do something so violent without intervention. “Brutal and sustained” is how it was described. Finally some women and 20 members of the army were able to intervene. I’m simply at a loss to comprehend such a despicable mob mentaity.

Perhaps there are some clues on film just prior to the incident. But with the regime’s recent history of violence against journalists and the police in such a pathetic state the prospect looks grim.

God help that poor woman.

Not to be lurid or disrespectful, but what exactly entails “sexual assault”? I mean was she just assaulted violently and her clothes ripped off or something?

Considering the words “brutal” and “sustained” used in the first sentence, I’m assuming it was much, much worse than just being stripped and beaten, as your question might suggest.

What seperates sexual assault from a just plain old assault?

Molestation of the genitals or breasts, sexual penetration, that sort of thing. Exact legal definition can vary depending on jurisdiction.

Wouldn’t that just be rape, what with penetration and all? I mean was she raped?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Sexual assault is a more broad definition than what some would call “rape” - it can also cover things like having the breasts or genitals groped or injured, anal or vaginal penetration with an object, etc.

And yeah, I’m thinking the general public has no real right or need to know exactly what happened to that poor woman.

Well, the article says nothing specific… I’m just trying to parse what is meant by this? It’s horrible, I assume, anyway you look at it but we have no way of knowing the severity when such broad and fuzzy terms are used…

I don’t really understand gang rape myself, but it happens. Which is not to say that this case, specifically, was rape - although I can’t help but think that was part of it. I do agree with a previous poster, however, that what exactly happened is none of the general public’s business.

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twickster, Cafe Society moderator

I dunno. I think it’s natural to have some questions about what happened, especially given the vague nature of the report and the lurid subject matter. I know that when I first heard the story, my first thought was “Sexual assault? I wonder what actually happened to the poor woman?”

It’s pretty terrible, not just what happened to her, but also the fact that it made national news. It’s one thing to be raped, quite another to know that everyone knows what happened, and having to choose between having all the details reported or knowing that quite a few people are going to be questioning and speculating about all the omitted parts.