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I was confused until I checked your location in your user profile. :smiley:

I’m a kiwi living and working in the UK. Yesterday I brightly said “Gosh, my country is doing so well in the Rugby World Cup”. There was a 60 second angry silence. :wink:

“A mixture of South Africa’s ill-discipline and poor finishing kept the score down in the first half”, sez BBC Sport. Emphasis mine.

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Context would be really nice.

Rugby World Cup.

Springboks (South Africa) 64, Eagles (USA) 0.

It’s especially painful when you realize this is the South Africa team that lost to Japan earlier in the tournament.

The score is a bit misleading as the US opted to field a second-string side as they face Japan on the weekend. 12 of their starters in the previous game didn’t play. Had they been at full strength I doubt they would have won, but they almost certainly wouldn’t have been blanked either.

I thought this was going to be another of those threads with accusations of “running up the score” by someone who still hasn’t grasped that doing so is not widely believed to be a problem.