666 Number of the pit

Don’t know if anybody else noticed that, or if I am just slow.

Are you talking about this thread?

It is odd that Satan started it. (It would have been really cool if we had a poster named Nero who started it!)

OTOH, as of a few minutes ago, the Pit was up to 684 threads, so that thread’s moment in the sun has come and gone.


Thanks Tom. Yeah, I was talking about the topics in the pit, but I did catch satans thread and thought that was pretty cool.
See the thanks is because I was begining to feel like the invisible woman. To explain that go to the was it something I said thread. I was then invited onto the hijacked space shuttle in guy stuff.

Don’t despair Kricket, hang in there and keep trying, us night owls have to stick together!

“Consider it a challenge…”

Now, don’t any of you fuckers ever underestimate my powers again!

Here is something that I found amusing on a similar note. Yahoo Sports has separate HTML pages for all major (and most minor) pro sports athletes. The numbers are all random, my guess is according to whatever order they were put into the site.

Well, someone there has a sense of humor. Please notice the player with this link:


Yer pal,

Kricket, we all know why it was Satan who started that thread. All he ever thinks about is Sex, Sex, Sex. Is it really that confu-oh… 666… nevermind. ( :D)


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