6th Annual SDMB Early Super Bowl Pick Contest

All right – the postseason field is set, so it’s that time of year again – time to see who can make the most accurate Super Bowl prediction more than a month ahead of time.

In year 1, it was Trillionaire who beat the pack.
Year 2, Uncommon Sense schooled the rest of us.
In Year 3, it was Airman Doors, USAF who walked away with all the marbles.
In Year 4, it was Grits and Hard Toast who came away with the crown.
And last season, it was yours truly, Hal Briston, who called for a Giants win over the Pats to come away with the title.

Will this be the year we get our first two-time winner, or will a new name be added to the coveted list? We’ll find out in five weeks. It’s simple to play – just post your pick for the two Super Bowl teams, and the final score.

I’ll be calling for a repeat of last year (both here and in the Super Bowl) by picking the Giants over the Steelers, 24-17.

As always, just in case you don’t follow football but still wanna play along, just pick an AFC team, an NFC team, and a couple of numbers that sound vaguely football-scorish.

AFC Teams:
Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens

NFC Teams:
New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles

Arizona Cardinals over the Pittsburgh Steelers 34-10

Titans over Eagles 27-13

I got the Steelers over the Giants, 31-27.

Eagles 20, Titans 14

Since Philly has to play three games on the road I don’t actually think this is the most likely scenario, but the Eagles are definitely the scariest team in the playoffs to me, so I’ll have some fun and go with the longshot.

As fun as a Giants-Steelers super bowl would be for me out in Pittsburgh, I am going to take the Giants over the Colts, 31-28.

Chargers 31, Falcons 21

What I wish: Panthers 14 - Steelers 21.

What I expect: Panthers 21 - Titans 24.

Titans 17 - Giants 10

Tennessee Titans beat the Carolina Panthers 24-16

Ravens over the Panthers, 31-7

Panthers 24
Titans 10

Colts 33
Redskins 19

Colts 38

Steelers 24, Giants 17. Don’t tell my wife.

Chargers 48
Panthers 20

Ravens 17
Giants 10


Eagles over Colts, 27-17

Pittsburgh Steelers 10 - NY Giants 17

What tha hell, since I’ll watch the Superbowl I might as well play:

Titans vs Vikings: 28-24