6th Generation iPod set to debut tomorrow ...

Why the arms race for more and more and more storage? I’d imagine that it would be just as easy to swap out albums on a daily or weekly basis, depending on one’s whims and moods. I guarantee that I have a larger collection than almost any Ipod user out there, and I don’t feel the need for more than a few gigs at most.

Yeah…for $1…after you already bought the song for $1. Can anyone say rip-off?

And how much do you pay for a ring tone from your current supplier?

That’s amazing. Not that I have any need for something that big but just the fact that it’s got a 40 hour battery life is insane.

Also, I’d have to quadruple my library to fill up…that’s blowing my mind.

I think you may be combining two things here. The “iPod Classic” is the new 80GB/160GB that looks like the current iPod, and the “iPod Touch” is the new one that appears to be basically the no-phone iPhone.

I agree

Nothing. I have a Windows Mobile device. I can turn any sound file into a ringtone and it doesn’t cost me a dime. I know that’s not the norm for most ono-iPhone users, though, but my point is that you are paying for it twice. If you already own the rights to play it as a song, why do you need to buy it again to play less of it as a ringtone?

As said, I don’t need to buy ringtones, but most phones that play MP3 ringtones can also play whole MP3 songs, and I don’t think you have to buy a song twice to play it as a ringtone and as a full song.

Nothing. I have a Blackberry. I can edit the ringtone myself then sync it right onto my Blackberry from my laptop.

Even when I had a Razr I didn’t pay for ringtones. You take your mp3, cut it, host it online for a minute, send the link to your phone in an IM, and download the song. Voila!

Oh, but yeah, what bouv said.

Looks like 8 and 16 gig for the iPod Touch

Several reasons.
Some people like to brag about the size of their hard disks in the same way that other people like to brag about the size of their record collections.
The iPod can also serve as a external hard drive.
You can use it to store videos and play them on your TV or someone else’s TV.
And, in my case, I wouldn’t mind having all of my albums on my iPod, which I would then hook up to my stereo system downstairs. If I want to play an album, no need to go to the CD rack, just pick it from the iPod. I would need more than 160 GB to keep all my CDs on an iPod.

So the 160gb ipod is the one with video? And I assume 40 hours is for music and not video. For $350??

I was this close to be an 80gb one, which has more than enough storage. But if I can certainly use a longer battery life and brighter screen.

40 hours for music, 7 hours for video

Sorry about the premature Touch/Classic specs. I thought the idea of all that storage along with a touchscreen all in a tiny shell sounded a bit off myself. It looks like these two products are going in different directions, and I have a feeling that the innovations and extra features of the Touch won’t be nearly as important to true iPod fans as the incredible amount of storage and classic iPod layout on the Classic. I can already tell I’d rather have the Classic for the storage, but maybe that’s because my 30GB is slowly reaching capacity and I already have an iPhone. :smiley:

Price drop on the 8G iPhone to $399.

Is that “Wow” as in “Wow, that’s still pretty expensive?” or “Wow, folks who paid $600 just a couple of months ago are going to be pissed!”

People who bought the 4GB iPhone for $499 probably feel especially bad.

Same as it ever was with iPods. No matter when you get in, you know that waiting another six months would have gotten you a better product for less money. The iPhone early adopters knew that they were paying a premium to have it now.

All of them have video (well, except the Shuffle, which has no screen.) I don’t know about the new nanos, but the 160 GB has 40 hours of music, 7 hours of video, and the 80 GB has 30 hours of music and 5 hours of video…I think.

Sweet, now Mac zombies can pay $399 for an iPhone that doesn’t make phone calls but CAN purchase music in addition to the $599 iPhone they already purchased that does make phone calls but CAN’T purchase music. Steve Jobs is gonna be rich as hell!

True. In this case it’s the same damn product! But you’re right, early adopters know the risks. This just looks like a particularly egregious example.