72 year old man allegedly pulled gun on neighbor who "farted at him"

Story here

Sometimes living in New Jersey is a real gas.

Meh, who hasn’t wanted to blow away a Norn from time to time.

The thread title makes it sound even worse. I wondered what “fated at him” meant. Was that like some kind of fortune-teller predicting his fate?

Well he was ass-aulted, wait til the board gets wind of this, they will have a gas


It wasn’t a direct ass-sault; he only farted in his general direction.

Same here. The thread title totally confused me.

Just fixed it.

Yeah, but it smelled of elderberries.

He should have responded with a wedgie, a wet willie, or… the dreaded Rear Admiral.

Go away, or I shall taunt you again!

“Go away, or I shall taunt you a second time-a.”

I told them we already got one.

It is an ill wind that blows across New Jersey…

Talk about a grumpy old man! Doesn’t he know that “Fart equals funny?”

It just blows me away.

Forgive my ignorance, but what is a “Rear Admiral?” And is this something I really want to know?

You probably don’t want to know. :smiley:

(It’s a Simpsons reference BTW - something Milhouse says he’s afraid of if he turns his back on Bart, along with the wedgies and wet willies, an unexplained act but presumed cromulent.)

The answer is pretty disappointing. :frowning:


Wow, that must have been one horrendous fart!

bolding mine
Terroristic Threats?

‘Terroristic threats’ are terrorising, fantastic, futuristic, ballistic threats, Zebra.

‘Terriftic threats’ just sounded stupid.