8/21/07 Merry Christmas! Walmart Starts Selling Christmas Decorations!

It keeps moving up…last year, Walmart “waited” until the weekend before Labor Day to set out the first Christmas decorations, but I guess the lines got too long so today, there they were - about 50 little 3 foot high Santa’s next to a stack of Christmas paper!

Ho Ho Ho - and hope you all have your Christmas shopping about done next week!

And I thought I was jumping the gun by buying up Halloween decorations already. I’m waiting til the first of September to put them up, I swear! (Inside the house, not outside. That’d just be silly :slight_smile: ).

Walmart and Target around here still have out school supplies and wont have Halloween out for another week or two. I can’t imagine they’d already have Christmas, but who knows.

AHHHHHHHHHH! Is the all-Christmas carols, all the time station going to start playing on Labor Day weekend?

Are they *Christmas * decorations, or are they *Holiday * decorations? Find out quick so we can all know which picket signs to bring.

I swear to you, on a stack of whatever books you find holy, that my tolerance for Christmas has virtually disappeared. I don’t want to hear one frickin’ song, see one frickin’ commercial, say “Merry Christmas” or have it said to me one frickin’ time, buy one frickin’ present, receive one frickin’ present, put up one frickin’ Christmas decoration - I’m sick of the entire lot of it. Sick of it. Sick to the eyeballs of it. I have to work on a terrible plan, to complete avoid Christmas this year.

Ho frickin’ ho. :mad: :rolleyes: :mad: :rolleyes:

Just stopped in to wish everyone a joyous holiday. :slight_smile:

Get yer lead-coated Christmas ornaments hee-eere…

What do they celebrate in China in lieu of Christmas?

Yikes. I thought it was bad enough when I turned the corner coming out of Rite Aid and nearly running into about eight pallets of halloween candy this afternoon.

My, but your smiley line is festive!

I haven’t been to my local Costco in a while, but they had their Hallowe’en stuff out the first week of July… I love Costco, but give me a break!

Now you’re making me want to go and see how much Christmas stuff they have so far… Ughhh.


I’ve said this for years, and I will say it again:

There should be a law outlawing any seasonal advertising outside of a 3 week period preceding the holiday. It would make life so much nicer in my version of the perfect world.

Last week they had an aisleful. Not only do we celebrate the birth of Jesus, now we’re celebrating the whole pregnancy. September is "Mary’s first elastic-waist robe’ month.

Heck, I work at Dollar Tree, and we put stuff out in mid-July. Of course, my “Christmas” tree has been up since 11/01/02.

I was at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago and there were aisles upon aisles of Christmas merchandise already on the shelves and more in the aisles to be stocked.

On the one hand, I can understand why retailers want to jump the gun on (what they claim is) the only profitable time of the year for them. Plus, as a consumer, it’s a good thing that I can spread out my Christmas spending over a couple of months rather than piling it all in December.

On the other hand, what featherlou said. :slight_smile:

What I also hate is seeing “BACK TO SCHOOL!” sales about two weeks after summer vacation starts. Summer vacation is short enough as it is! Geez, let me enjoy my kids and no homework for a while! :mad:

We got Christmas in before we got Halloween, but we’re a fabric store, so that’s probably logical. More people do Christmas crafts and more people want to get a head start on them. But no “home accents” yet. Thank goodness. I’m not ready for glitter and stuff all over the floor. Come to think of it, no fall home accents yet, either, which surprises me.

Oh My God, that made me laugh first thing in the morning! I suddenly had visions of a Virgin Mary in one of those shrines wearing a polyester robe with an elastic waist. :smiley:

Okay, first of all, help me tie these antlers onto my head, and we’ll make you a Santa costume out of these red curtains. Now we’ll pile all these empty bags up on the sled, and after dark, cruise on down to Whoville!