8 rules 11/4 episode

Very moving. Terrific script. Stirring performances. I hadn’t watched an episode until tonight. This might change.

As an ardent fan of John Ritter, this episode touched me deeply. I thought it an awe-inspiring performance by all, expecially knowing that in several spots, it was more legitimate feelings than acting. I found all the dialogue to be incredibly real and all the greif to be quite accurate. I’m glad to see that the characters weren’t completely through the grief by the end of the episode; it adds to the reality and will make for better further episodes.

Plot point I have a question about…

Did anyone else think that the gauze on the son’s hand was cut until it was revealed to be an injury sustained from punching the wall and breaking the lamp? Maybe a last minute script change?

In any event, one of the more real episodes of a show I have ever seen. Well done.

Sigh…spoiler edit…

that the gauze was hiding a (self) cut

Joe: To be honest, I hadn’t noticed it. I was too much engrossed in the story. This episode should become a classic, a shining example of ‘entertainment’ television. I wouldn’t be surprised if it received several nominations, come Emmy time.

I realize this might make me as popular as a fart in church, but I think ABC should have aired the already filmed episodes, shown some sort of tribute to John Ritter, and cancelled the show.

Mrs. Moto had the show on, and was moved very deeply. It was, however, far too glurgey for my taste.

That said, though, James Garner is a real class act.

No, the wound was on the knuckles. If it was a self-mutilation, wouldn’t the bandage have been on the wrist?

Hate to admit it, but I missed it (and I work for ABC!) How’d they write off his character?

I had it on closed caption at the very beginning, but I caught that:

He went to the grocery store on an errand and dropped dead in the aisle

I have to admit, I was bawling my eyes out.

I thought it was a well done tribute to Ritter; cancelling the show would have been somewhat of an insult to his legacy.

I liked that they didn’t immediately mention that the father was dead or anything about it. The knew that everyone knew what happened, and did more by not telling then by telling everyone what was going on.

I stumbled onto the broadcast ten minutes or so into the episode. I wasn’t intending on watching it at all. I had only seen a couple of the episodes with John Ritter.

But, I could not stop the tears from welling up. Me. A middle aged male cynic.

The deal is, it was done so very well. It was too realistic. The grief and regrets and anger expressed were spot on. Bravo to the writers and actors. It was just incredibly well done.

Given that I am not (yet:)) a regular viewer, can somebody tell me if Suzanne Pleshette and James Gardner are recurring characters? Their performances (especially that of Gardner) were spot on, and anything but over-the-top. There’s something to be said for sedateness at times…

This was the first episode of 8 Simple Rules… that I’ve ever seen. It just came on while I was studying, so I left it on ABC. I’ll admit that I was tearing up many times through the episode (especially towards the end). I like that there wasn’t a live audience during taping. There were a couple lines that made me laugh in the episode; looking back on the episode I think any sort of audience reaction to the filming would have ruined the somber mood of the episode.

Man, the acting in this episode was something else. I know that the main cast was going on their own emotions rather than just acting only; I suppose that’s why it was so real and why it hit me so hard at times. I think Pleshette and Gardner gave a strong performance. I think the interaction between Gardner and the son was really great, in particular.

Probably the part that hit me most was at the start of the episode. When the kids are eating cereal and that phone call comes in, Kate Seagal right there got me choked up as she scrambled for her keys and ran out the door.

In case you missed it, or want to check it out again, ABC will be re-airing it Saturday 11/8 at 10/9 central.

Hey Phouchg, many thanks! This time, I’ll tape it!:slight_smile: