80 signs you're an INTJ

I looked for a thread with this subject, but didn’t find it, even though I think INTJ’s are overrepresented here.

I find this hilarious. There is a lot of a lot of truth.

What utter nonsense. There’s at least three of those things that don’t apply to me.

A lot of that is Jean Dixon-style generalizations that could apply to anyone.

And realistically, “you know what your Briggs-Meyer Personality Index is” should probably be pretty high on the list.

Even better, you knew what INTJ meant.

I think I had INTJ as a teen; my right jaw would stiffen up and crack when I opened my mouth.

<inappropriate comment>

  1. You detest articles that are decorated with animated gifs, so you don’t read the rest of the list.

As the God I am agnostic about as my witness, when I saw INTJ I thought it meant “International Jew” and we had a Stormfronter barging into the Dope.

Glad to see I was quite wrong and it’s more mundane shi…stuff.

Well I guess I’m not an INTJ because I have no idea what that stands for.

I laughed so loud at the first 2 entries I scared my cats.

I got as far as 49…

The list-maker has a serious crush on Benedict Cumberbatch.

Meyers-Briggs is basically a horoscope but with less science behind it.

It’s true. Horoscopes have rigor behind them. Dopey, totally implausible, scientifically ludicrous rigor, but rigor nonetheless.

I have nooooo fucking idea.

I’m such an INTJ’er that I round things to the nearest whole number. A buck eighty-five for coffee? Here my good man, have a two dollar bill. “Golly, thanks, Mr. INTJ!”

And I’m such a J that I never clicked on the link to that list… I have already Judged it and found it silly.

I think I’m an ISTJ – TOTALLY different. :rolleyes:

Probably because the Sherlock character is a dick. Does INTJ = dick? I know nothing about this Briggs-Meyer stuff.

I think my score had four letters in it.

I know it’s not the best science, but it’s very entertaining to me to read INTJ stuff because of how much I relate to it. When I read the ones about other types, I don’t get the same kind of “OMG THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ME!” feeling.

I never realized how Sherlocky I was before reading that. I mean, I have a lot more empathy… just not any more patience.

I have been called evil, as the list suggests (and in a serious context for something devious I came up with). I spend a good chunk of my life being disappointed in how stupid other people are. I have been dragged past bookstores.

I don’t fit every thing on it or other similar lists, but it makes me laugh that someone else gets me… even if I’m not enough of an INTJ to be bothered that it might be total BS.