999 - should I go for 1000?

Not that I’m very fond of “milestone threads”, but it just happens that lately I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t move on and abandon this old board. Not that I want to get away from y’all, mind you, but because I’ve been wondering about myself. Lately I feel like I’m more short-tempered and bitter, and I’ve been wondering if time away from it all, even a permanent “see ya”, is called for.

So. Do I stay or do I go? Will my post count ever hit 1000? Did I really die in that plane crash? And what about Naomi? (okay, the last one was just for fans of The Electric Company)

Y’all let me know if I should bother crossing over to the 4-Digit Club.

Go Max! Go Max! Go Max!

No, wait. That didn’t sound right. I don’t want you to actually go, I want you to to the 1000th post. But you knew that, because you’re a smart, savvy, and terminally hip guy. :slight_smile:

I say don’t post. Keep everyone in suspence and hanging by a very thin thread. (No pun intended)

Keep it at 999 … the beauty of the situation is sublime.

No MAX!!! Don’t Do It!

Oh, you meant posts… um, never mind. :wink:

Having said that …

C’mon Max, I dare you to respond :slight_smile:

Max, if you stop posting, I’m taking a plane to Texas to kick your ass. And just what the hell is wrong with short-tempered an bitter? Huh? HUH???

Happy 1000. Make it so :wink:

Don’t bow to peer group pressure max … if Coldfire said If you don’t jump off a cliff I am going to take a plane to Texas and kick your ass, would you do it???

evil grin and cackle

It must make you all so glad you have me here to keep things in perspective.

Go for 1,000. Just make sure you don’t post any
silly haiku over here :/.

:: Smacks Silo with large tuna ::

SHUT UP! Don’t give’em friggin’ IDEAS!!!

:smiley: - btw, welcome back Silo.

pLt said:

“I say don’t post. Keep everyone in suspence and hanging by a very thin thread. (No pun intended)”

Well HRRRRMPH! I’ll have you know a lot of people “intended” me . . . so THERE!

If anyone wants me I’ll be over in the corner nursing my SN back to health.

And Max, I think you should wait until I hot 999, then we’ll race to 1000.

Wait a sec.

You (and Woody) spend an hour and a half teaching me how to maneuver IRC chat, and now you’re going to SPLIT???

NOT FAIR!!! You can’t leave me now!!!


Come on, baby, one more, just one more…that’s it, push just a little harder…oh, wait, wrong scenario :smiley:

Max, how about hacking the boards so we all start back at 0 posts and then starting over before you post again?


Happy almost-1000th buddy!

Oh Max, don’t go…if you go there will be trouble. If you stay it will be–oh, nevermind :wink:
If you decide to go, at least stop by #straightdope once in a while to say ‘hi’

Max Torque said:

Well, hell, that’s no reason to leave. I was like that before I ever showed up.

Besides, if you don’t do the 1000 thing shortly, I will start posting horrible limericks in your thread. Don’t risk it, Max–that would be much worse than Coldfire kicking your ass.

Give into the voices. Go over to the dark side.

Post, hon. You know you want to.

Firstly, I can guarantee that MaxTorque WILL NOT leave this board, even if it means using a new nick to keep posting. I mean what a CO-INCIDENCE that he thinks about leaving on post 999. It has nothing to do with him thinking that he should “move on”, it’s all got to with a publicity for Maxxy Boy.

Max, you gotta stay here, bro. Who am I gonna rely on in all the Gun Control threads? SarumanRex?!?

C’mon, Max, you don’t want Rex takin’ your place, do you?!?!? :smiley:

It can only increase your mystique.

I say stop at 999 and start a new user, hmmm what could you use for a new user name.


Min Torque
Avg Torque
Medium Torque
Mode Torque
Median Torque
Holata Torque
Torque Wrench
Torque n Beans
Torque the Other White Meat (TOWM for short)
Maximum Torque
Peter Torque
Max Headroom
Max A Million
Max Overdrive
Max Power
Mad Max
Angry Max
Ticked off Max
Disgruntled Max
Peeved Max
Happy Max
The Max
Any others anyone can add?