A belated MMP

I think Muppet might have forgotten I traded her my MMP start date. Somebody said she ran a marathon or something yesterday?

Anyway, I don’t have anything planned to say. I’m on a staycation this week too, like Doggio. It feels good not to have to rush around.

Things I plan to do this week:
[li]Paint the hallway.[/li][li]Be here when we switch to AT&T U-verse (new cable) on Thursday.[/li][li]Go shopping for work clothes.[/li][li]Mow the back yard. (Mr Rebo did the front last night.)[/li][li]Pack up the “good dishes” in the hutch, and take pictures of hutch and dining table to sell on Craigslist. We want to change this room into a bigger office to be organized for lots of E-bay selling. I suppose I could take the pictures with the dishes still in the hutch, but I don’t want there to be any confusion.[/li][/ul]

So here’s my fabulous MMP. Jump off anywhere!

First! Woot!

Looks like you can get by with just one task every day, Rebo, and then spend the rest of your time cruising round your new MMP!


Off to go on trying to figure out what was The Genius thinking of when she designed This Monster we’re installing.

ETA: dangit, BooFae!

Oh god, it is Monday.

Everybody wave to LiLi at work!!

"Hi Lili, the baby’s fine!

wait–wha? LiLi went to work? I didn’t authorize this! I need details and who is qualified to watch Nat? Not many people… :dubious:
I am back from running. I did some 2:1s which felt good, but my left foot is already protesting. Will call the podiatrist this morning. Have appt with endocrinologist tomorrow (annual).
Need to clean bathrooms today and call about that job. Happy Monday, all. It’ll be over soon.

Hello all and happy Monday. I am about to get ready to go to job #1 where I have an exciting day ahead of sitting on an uncomfortable stool waiting for customers to come in and prove they have more money than common sense. Ugh. But that’s OK. It makes money for me. I can’t wait until I get back into school. At least then I will have a more tangible proof for my leaving a good paying job and all my friends…

I bartended a party Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, but it did make me think twice about drinking in public ever again. The other bartender and I went around and cleaned up puke and broken beer bottles afterwards. I was begged to “please bend over that beer cooler again” by some of the more inebriated male patrons. There was begging for me to show my tattoo (on my back). Usually after a shift bartenders will hang and have a drink or 7. I came home and drank alone and in the dark, just as god intended.

Dolores Reborn - have a wonderful staycation.

Tomorrow I join the local gym (I’ve let the diet slide since I moved and have gained 10 pounds since May). I’m also going to try to join the library (still don’t have a MS driver’s license) and get a book for the days I am selling overpriced dog food (stupid $2+ per pound organically grown vegetable free range lamb crap).

I appreciate all the support, but I’m still here until almost five. :smiley: I’m working evenings. And I hope my Mom and Mr. Lissar are on the authorized list of Nat-watchers, rigs.
Didn’t have breakfast before I put Nat down for his first nap and collapsed. What would I like to eat? There’s three-quarters of a cake with lemon icing. That sounds nutritious. Otherwise it’ll be leftover scalloped potatoes.
I hope the kid wakes up soon. We’re going shopping in forty minutes, and I need to perpetrate the Cruelty of Breakfast on him.

Belated blurfs. I got nuttin’; carry on.

Good morning Mumpers! I’m going on vacation this week too! I’m going to spend a few days at the beach with LabRat. It’s our first time spending more than a couple of days together. I’m looking forward to a cliched walk on the beach. :stuck_out_tongue: First I have to get through today and tomorrow’s 12 hour work days.

Only 16 days to pre-season hockey!

I second that blerf, bobbio!

Hay, rebo, you hunkerin’ down?

Up, caffeinated, and [del]off to work[/del] slugging.

My list for the week[ul]
[li]clean off file cabinet[/li][li]watch a couple of hockey practices[/li][li]take Nelly for long walks[/li][li]wash car[/li][/ul]

Enjoy your staycation, Rebo.

BooFae, thanks for finding a way to continue TinKnickers Watch.

LiLi, if Mr. Lisslar is watching Nat, can we assume he’ll make black belt before he’s out of diapers?:smiley:

Enjoy your vacation, Puck! I at least get to go to Brindycamp this week. : Snoopy dance :

It’s a little early, but we’re definitely watching that bad boy Ike. He could be very, very bad indeed.

Gad I miss that quick reply box! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Monday morning all, and thanks Rebo for posting. I’m a bit discombobulated myself this morning, as I had to go give blood for lab work - and then found out I needed to give a sample in the cup too. :eek: So fortunate that I had that glass of water before I left home, I guess. :dubious: At any rate, I’m caffeinating now and have had some fruit to eat, so feel some better.

This is going to sound really dumb, but … I did not know that bunco was an actual game! I’d always thought that bunco was a synonym for a con game! Well you do learn something new every day, as I just found out this morning that it’s an actual game, played with dice. And the bunco squads got their name for busting up illegal gambling bunco games during prohibition! Don’t laugh at me, at least I’m open to learning still. Well, except for spreadsheets, that is. :smiley:

Good morning, everyone. Sounds like everyone has their week all planned out (well, kind of). Mine looks actually calm – for the first time in I don’t know how long, the only work I have is work I received well before its due date, with plenty of time to get it done on time! Strange concept that, no rush-rush-rush. So I haven’t decided what else I’m going to do today, besides relax, for a welcome change.

That Ike does indeed look like a bad boy, Rebo. I hate seeing big storms like that move into the Gulf; here’s hoping Ike decides he’s had enough fun and fizzles out before he reaches the coast. Please be prepared to hunker down safely!

BooFae has found a way to continue the Tin Knickers watch? What did I miss? Stories about Tin Knickers are always entertaining, especially when she can be laughed at safely from a distance. Was it in the last MMP? Am I really that out of it? (Don’t answer that!)

I hope going back to work isn’t too difficult, LiLi. I’m sure Nat won’t even notice your absence, with Grandma or Daddy around to spoil him rotten in your stead.

Off to do something. Possibly something constructive, but then again, maybe not!

Hi all. Nice substitute MMP Rebo! My vacation isn’t until December! :frowning:

HRH just threw her first real, stomp-your-feet, beat-your-fists tantrum! I ignored her and it was over in about 20 seconds (I am soooo proud of me for ignoring it!). I guess she didn’t really want that lip balm so much after all!

The Nephew went to the kidneys doctor last week (he’s got a test today); they took samples for the lab. Surprisingly, one sample had to be in a cup. It took a while for that one, as SiL had made the kidlet go potty right before entering the doctor’s office :smack: (well, when the previous patient was called in). Repeat after me, people: do not take painkillers before seeing the pain doctor, do not take mood-altering substances right before your work medical and do not go pee right before seeing the peepee doc!

Sneakin’ in a quick howdy. I’m at the workplace and on a break.

Have fun all you stay/vacationers!

Ok, back to the wunnerful world of inshurnce.

Well, I don’t know… :dubious: Are your mother’s hands clean? What kind of TV does Mr watch? We’ll see. If kidlet is still alive after your first day, that’s a good sign.

Ok, so I have a home email. I have a work email (that I never use and can only access at work). I need to apply for this job and it won’t let me “build a resume” unless I log in. Fine. Log in requires my email addy and password. No idea what my password IS, since at work it’s my name. That doesn’t work. Click on '“forgot your password?” smiling smugly to self. I’ll pound this puppy out and go do nothing for awhile. Password is sent to my work email account. :smack: (no other option is available). Won’t be at work until Thursday. Gah.

Mom’s hands are clean, and Mr. Lissar doesn’t watch tv, but he does play Diablo, which might be :dubious:.

I’m nervous because yesterday I tried to go to Mass, got there, had a bad feeling, and came home to find Nat had woken up from his nap and threw a huge fit with lots of tears because I wasn’t there.

Good on you, Dotty!

where to start?

  1. Nat will survive without you. Sadly for you, Nat may thrive without you (all mothers come to this sickening realization at some point, although some of them don’t get it until said child is middle-aged).

  2. how old is Nat again? If he’s less than a year, don’t sweat it. He will miss you for a short time (like under 2 minutes) but be thrilled to see you again. A new puppy greeting you at the door is a pale imitation of what you’ll get.

  3. Think of the money–that can be used to enjoy time with Nat.
    I got nothing else.
    It’s pouring here. Good thing I ran earlier. I am debating a trip to the library. It doesn’t look likely.