A Blatant Attempt at Irony

Hey, how come no one threw me a 1000 posts party? :wink:

Well cause… you know… um… well… it’s like… ummm… you know… ummm… well… we…

HEY LOOK OVER THERE! It’s a young nubile woman.
:Oldscratch runs off quickly:

Hey, no one ever threw me one, either.

I believe the correct phrase is “Hey, no one has thrown me one yet, either.” You are only allowed to use past tense when you’ve passed 1000. Last time I checked, you still had 994.

Euty, if you want a post party, host it yourself, like most of the rest of us have done.

If you want a big turnout for it, though, be sure to use either “penis” or “beer” in the thread title. If you want every single registered Doper to attend, use them both. :smiley:

mmmmmmmmm penis beer.

Says Euty

Me thinks you don’t deserve one, chum.

I really wanted to throw you a big party but I was afraid to, I heard through the grapevine that post partys were frowned on by the big shots and anyone caught wasting band-width on that kind of stupid shit would be castrated and fed to the dragons.

But since I’m already here … <opens a gallon jug of Virginias finest apple jack> …CONGRATS. Keep up the good work man. Here’s to your next thousand!

Happy 1062, Euty.

Is this page not loading properly for me? I don’t see the “member” bit below Persephone, Wolverine or thinksnow’s SNs.

<fake happy voice>Ooh, if it’s a MODERATOR’S post party, I’m there!!!</fake happy voice>

But we like you all wrinkly, Euty! And you might burn yourself and that would be all bad…

Oh. You said irony, not ironing. Huh. Carry on then.

::goes off in search of a penis beer::

And the crowd goes mild! :wink:

Because some of us pay attention to threads posted by moderators. And I for one am not going to be responsible for sniper fire.

Happy one thousand and sum odd Euty. I ain’t gonna get all whupped up and emotional, or I might fall out the winder and into the crowd. Ya know whut I mean…


Fine. You want a post party? Here’s your post party:

Good for you. :smiley:

Not to worry…, I bought you a present!

::hands over cheaply wrapped package that seems to be hastily taped together::

Euty: “You shouldn’t have…”

::rips open box and pulls out tee-shirt that reads "I reached a 1000 posts and I got was this stupid shirt"::

Euty: “No, really…, you shouldn’t have.”


That should have read " I reached a 1000 posts and all I got was this stupid shirt".

It’s been a long morning.

and it seems to be getting longer.