A blue gorilla, a blue gorilla, a blue gorilla

I was checking something, based on the Cafe post about the boggling movie question. Recently, on a car trip w/ my dad and someone else, we saw a blow up blue gorilla. I instantly was reminded of something. He mumbled that ‘that reminds me of something.’

From what I can tell- and no, I’m not driven crazy by this, I just bring it up in relation to the boggling movie question- the only blue gorilla I know of is the one in that video game with the fighting dinosaurs, and that wasn’t what I was thinking. So if you felt something when you read blue gorilla, well, I’m gonna freak out!

And yes I’ve checked google. It’s not a big deal. It’s mundane.

I have a question… was it a gorilla?
If so, what color was it?

I guess I repeated it thrice in the title to make it stand out more. Thanks for pointing it out, honestly, before some clever guy said ‘yeah, i’m reminded of a blue gorilla cause you wrote it three freakin’ times in your thread title, dude.’

It reminded me of this, but it turns out that was a blue horse.

It was a while ago.

Thinking about it casually, the image of a blue gorilla most reminds me of the guy in Monsters, Inc., which I never saw. Nope, that wasn’t it.

As for the title Blue Gorilla something, google yields much.

Then there’s the band with Gorilla in the title, the ones who did ‘feeling glad, I got sunshine- in a bag!’, that song? I looked them up. Not blue gorilla…

Haven’t checked everything yet… not a big deal…

Just to assist you in resolving the incident, let me report that as I read the thread title I was immediately put in mind of the statue of a gorilla out near the street in front of a muffler shop not far from my house. At one time there was something about the name of the shop that tied in with the gorilla’s appearance, but I’m having trouble remembering that connection. In any case, the statue has virtually nothing to do with the current name of the shop, so that now the gorilla statue appears totally out of place. And it has always been black or a very dark blue at best.

But it is something the thread title made me think of. If that helps at all.

Could you maybe be thinking about the [link=Grape Ape]http://www.thoughts.znbinc.com/images/0411/041118/Grape-Ape.jpg[/link]

Are you maybe thinking of the Grape Ape?

No. I’ve gotta watch more old cartoons… :smiley:

As for the blue gorilla muffler shop, google yields this page of this guy talking about a muffler place off I-35 with “They have shameless promotions, “Open on Sunday” “Free Pepsi” crap like that. They have these hot air balloons, giant eagles and this giant blue gorilla. He has his hands in the air, cause that’s what you do when you arrive, hands up, get ready to get robbed.” That describe the place? Does your gorilla have something to do with blue gorilla lug nuts?

How about this guy? Ring any bells?

This Grape Ape has been graped by the grapist!

Well, there’s a big blue inflatable gorilla on Wadsworth Blvd in Littleton, CO. I want to say he’s in front of a Nissan dealership, but come to think of it, he might be selling Meineke mufflers. Now I have to drive all the way out there to look. And my ex lives out that way so I’ll probably have to stop in & visit with her for the evening…Hmmm…maybe that gorilla’s near a liquor store, I should bring her a bottle of merlot. She likes merlot. A LOT. I’m a weak, weak man. Not strong. Like a big blue fellat…inflatable gorilla.

Two of the most recent posters- read the op. :smiley:

Thanks, though.

Actually, no, I apologize, you did read the op, I just wasn’t clear what kind of blow-up blue gorilla I saw. That’s the one, the car dealership one. That gorilla reminded us of some other gorilla thing. :smiley:

And so obviously that’s what the guy described that I quoted off the internet is talking about the same thing I saw off the road, so thanks for the picture! It’s no big deal- I only felt a ting of rememberance that day, this is no headache.