A boil on the buttocks of humanity or I have..er I mean my friend has a problem.

I have heard the phrase–You are a boil on the buttocks of humanity-- used as an insult or as a curse as in --May you be cursed with a boil on your arse-- and I always thought it was only mildly humourous and not so mean. Well I have found out just how wrong I was.

Yesterday my friend awoke with a boil on her buttocks. It’s right there under the butt bones where I…she sits. Her husband is sure it’s from sitting in front of the computer for hours on end (pun intended) butt I’m not ass sure about that.

All I know is, it’s hard to sit, motrin helps a little and it is a geniune pain in the ass.

What I’m assking for is pity, comiseration and any helpful hints to hasten the healing.

Warm baths - technically Sitz baths, but any warm bath should help. She may want to go to the doctor to have it lanced. Yes, that would be moderately painful, particularly if it is large enough that it then requires packing. If packing is required, repacking daily will be painful too.

Hie your friend to a dermatologist, quick, if it’s that close to the tailbone. Pilonidal (sp?) cysts are a Bad Thing. Hell, I should know. My friend had one.

Aanother way to get a boil to come to a head and open up is to take the lining from an egg shell and place it over the boil. You will need help with this because of the location of your boil. Then place a gauze pad over it and tape the pad down. Leave it alone for a few hours. Remove the pad then place a clean warm wet washcloth ove the boil. If the pad sticks to the boil use the wet cloth over it to loosen it. Wash the lining off, the boil may burst on it’s on, if not or if it doesn’t look ready to lance repeat.

My family has used this method for years and it really does work.

I know how you feel.
When my pain in the ass acts up, I just try to ignore her.


“SLAP”::_ow!! who did that?::

I’ll second that. My ex-boyfriend (really) had one that hurt him so much he was crying. (he’s not usually the weepy type)

No it’s not a cyst or nearly anything that exotic. Just your plain ol’ everyday run of the mill pain in the ass.

After several applications of hot compresses and a few sitz baths it is doing better tonight. At least that what she tells me.:rolleyes:

She should still see a doctor-my mother,being diabetic,gets boils about once a year. An antibiotic will help heal it up and prevent it from flaring up again.

Your friend should also wash the area gently w/ antibacterial soap. Boils can be caused by staph bacteria which is very contagious.

Hope all goes well :slight_smile:

Yeah, well that’s how my friend’s started out too :wink: Glad your friend’s one is getting better.

Betadine is also great for killing the germs and such after it opens.