Most painful place you have had a boil

I got a couple of orrible spots appeared.One’s on my back andit’s a real flat but big one,te kind you can’t squeeze.Another one has appeared on my poor skull so every time I scratch my head I hit this bump.Could there be anywhere worse?Actually i had one inside my ear once :frowning: They feel MUCH MUCH bigger than they are in there :frowning: So share your horrible zit locations :rolleyes:

My mom-in-law had one inside of her nostril, so she couldn’t even get to it. They usually soften up after a hot shower, and you can drain them easier then.

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I predict this will be a very popular thread, with more TMI stories than you bargained for. :smiley:

IMHO, the worst places are, as mentioned, in the ear, in the nose and once I got one right in the angle of the crotch. Walking was much impaired. Ooof.

On the border of your lip.

The pain :eek:

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I get sebaceous cysts in the worst places. Like right in the crease between perineum and asscheek. Or on the very spot where my pelvis puts pressure on my asscheek when I sit down. Or on my scrotum. Or on the inside of my thighs where they chafe together.

It’s not lack of hygiene. I keep the area fastidiously clean. It happens when I don’t wear proper clothing for exercise, even including long walks. If I sweat in a place that then rubs against skin, I’m risking getting a cyst.

And they really suck. They’re like super deep pimples, but they’re not inside a pore, so you can’t squeeze them. And they just keep getting bigger, with more and more sebum inside, until they get inflammed, and excruciatingly painful, red, and hot. If I can get to them early, and keep the skin dry with rubbing alcohol and gauze bandages, then they may go away on their own.

If I don’t get to them, then they erupt. The worst ones leave big abcessed craters about the size of a time. Only slightly less gross are the ones that erupt slowly, and leak blood and sebum for weeks.

Sebaceous cysts are not good things. You do not want these.

I had one once on my inside upper leg, right where the crotch crease of any pants (not including sweats, they have now crotch) would rub. It was bad when I had it, but reading about all the other places the boil could have chosen to go, I guess it wasn’t as bad as I remembered it.

Yeah, I’ve one of those. Many years ago when I was a senior, someone asked me if I was going to miss football (practice). I replied “I had a boil on my ass once and when it was gone, I missed it.”

:confused: [sup]** Demo, just where is the “angle of the crotch”?**[/sup][sub]Or maybe I don’t want to know![/sub]

I had a boil/abcess the size of a softball on my upper inner right arm. It was the most painful boil I’ve ever had, though not in the most painful place. I took antibiotics for a couple of weeks, then went into the hospital for a week, and when I was released, I had to have a home health care nurse come to my house every day to give me IV antibiotics for a couple of weeks. After the IV treatment was completed, the doctor gave me more antibiotic pills, a new sort, which cost, before insurance, about $1000 for 34 of them. She had to get permission from the insurance company to prescribe them, too…I forget, now, what our copay was, but it was over half. At any rate, that boil was NASTY. And, of course, I’m allergic to three kinds of antibiotics. I developed the last allergy during the treatment of that boil.

I did not have a fun time with that boil.

I’ve only had one boil in my life, and it showed up right on my butt. It was horrible! I didn’t know what was happening at first; I just knew that it was becoming increasingly difficult to sit down, and eventually even walking was painful. I had to go to the doctor to get it drained, and it was scary as hell when the doctor gave me an injection of anesthesia right in the middle of the boil. Ugh.

I would imagine one on the head would be quite irritating-can’t put any cream on as it would all get gooped up in your hair and if you were bald,then a large boil on your head would be visible and quite likely to be source of humour to lots of people :slight_smile:

I had aboil a few years ago pop up on my coccyx. It was agonizing as my entire weight was centred on it, squeezing it between the bone and whatever I was sat on. Being me, I left going to the Docs for ages, but when it got to the point where I asked my GF to lance it with a syringe… she forced me to go.

I had an appointment booked to have it lanced and drained, as it was becoming quite large and even painful to walk. I spent the eve before the op at my fathers house, and he drove me to the hospital in the morning. We were making good time, so we stopped off for a KFC and, as I stepped back into the car and sat down with a thud… it burst. I almost had an orgasm… it was such a relief. I don’t think my father was as pleased as me, as the smell was disgusting (no one else has mentioned this). I didn’t bother to go to the appointment, as I considered the job done, and after 5 minutes of painful squeezing when I got home… it was!

Apologies to those of a squeemish nature for this tale… but what are you doing viewing this thread anyway!

There is the tale of a gentleman who managed to pull a rather larger lady and went upstairs to spend the evening.Having undressed her in the dark,he began sucking away at her nipples,gulping down a bit of warm milk that came out.His reaction is not recorded the next morning when he discovered that instead of the nipple he had been munching away on a large boil just next to the nipple :smiley:

I used to get them on my ass constantly and they were painful as hell. I went to a dermatologist and he said I have folliculitis (inflamation of the hair follicle.) He gave me a topical antibiotic which I used for a number of years and only have the problem occasionally.

Oft been described as the ‘boil on humanity’s arse’, it’s great to see that KFC gets some credit for the veritable lancing of a boil.

My only ever boil was on the dorsal point of my scrotal sac. It took days and days of patience and fortitude to ignore it while it took on a life of its own, forming a third testicle. Finally I found a shaft that appeared to spear down into the corpuscular mass that was the third ball. I took a wash cloth and boiled it, using rubber gloves, I made a pad of hot washcloth and pressed it to the third ball, holding it there at the risk of future generations of Stones. I held it and held it with the stoicism that is birthed in the frustration that only slowly-developing boils can foment. After thirty-seven minutes of re-heating and compressing again and again, a purple-green-yellow head became apparent. Carefully placing a petri dish as a target under the point of attack, I commenced to extrude the dense mass.

Being somewhat squeamish, I focussed attention on the point of attack- my two pointer fingers on either side of the head. Knowing the potential pain, I just squeezed with abandon and attacked with the intention of no let-up. To my surprise, it just squooged out with no resistance, easiest procedure following a climatic buildup that I ever experienced. After a couple of purposeful squeezes to clear any residual contaminant, I looked closely at the ejaculant.

No blood!

One 2.34 centimetre-long plug of a diameter of about 55 millimeters of white solid core. Approximately 0.39 ml of clear fluid, probably plasma. 3.63 ml of white/green/yellow semi-solid.

The scrotum had a clean hole which healed up in a week.
It left no scar. I am, remarkably, intact.

55 millimeters? :eek: I hope that’s a typo, boy!