Boils. Also known as incredibly enormous pimples in weird locations.




What else is there to say?

ker Splat


Have you pissed of a witch or a sorcerer lately?

Or a messiah?

Off to MPSIMS, where you will probably be asked for a cite from the pimple-thread-reading weirdos.

Well, you can’t just tell us it’s in a “weird location” without telling us what that weird location is.


A pimple-thread-reading weirdo.

Yeah, don’t be a puss. Express the info or we’ll squeeze it out of you.

You misspelled ‘pus’.

Come on, let’s have some details. And pictures!

Then post the video of the poppage so we can critique it!

I wasn’t spelling “pus.” I was spelling “puss.”

Yeah. We need to know where it is so we can determine if it’s a weird location or not.

In other words… cite? :wink:


Yeah, only the woosh is on you apparently.

MEGA WHOOOSH then. :smiley:

If this thread isn’t doing it for you, the Google ads are offering up some definite nasty zit fixes. Blech

Yes. On you.


Not for me. I got an ad for Pizza Hut. :dubious:

How do you tell the difference between a boil and a pimple? How can I know which is which? Have I had boils before and not even known it and called them pimples?

This is important.

Boils are great. Well, OK they suck, but they’re great for freaking people out if you are asked what’s wrong with you. You can give a one-word answer, but it MUST be delivered in a Rowan Atkinson / Mr Bean voice: “BOILS!”

Boils always strike me as a terribly British affliction.