A broken foot more important than a war???

Normaly I understand (but not necesarily condone) the behaviour of the media. But this is just stupid…

A footballer breaking his foot is given the same, if not more importance on the news than the crisis in the middle east??

They are treating beckham’s injury like a fucking national emergency! like world war 3 has broken out! the grave faces of newsreaders, on the spot reporting, prioritised coverage! it’s fucking stupid!.

The real news is turning into that spoof news comedy - ‘the day today’

Wouldn’t the reporters with the grave faces be the ones who bet for Beckham’s team? And the reporters who bet against it, are they smirking when they report the “news?”

Beckham? Who the heck is Beckham?

And since when are football players called “footballers”?

Oh. I see you are from the UK.

So, this “football” of which you speak…is it anything like soccer?


Glad you pointed that out; I was feeling mighty inadequate in my NFL manhood… :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be worse if someone asked, “Isn’t he the one married to a Spice Girl?”.

Isn’t it already pretty bad that I know that? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a lot like soccer. But it’s called football. As far as I am aware it’s been called football in England long before the game you call football was invented.

And “footballers” is a perfectly acceptable term for football players.

And if any more justification was needed - it’s a game involving a ball and feet. hence ‘foot’ and ‘ball’ - football.

Exactly. It’s been incorrectly called football in England long before the game we call football was divinely inspired. :wink:

So, um, how’d he break his foot? Was it something really stupid? I couldn’t get over Grammatica injuring his leg by jumping up and down; goddamn replay had me laughing every time they showed it for a week.

Sorry, lobley, the “d&r” at the end of my last post was meant to signify “ducking and running,” in the manner of a wise-ass who doesn’t want to be hit by the things people are throwing at him after he enters a room and disparages the occupants’ choice of pastime.

So, even though I was pretending to misunderstand the concept of what most of the world calls football, with a hint of a suggestion that the subject isn’t inherently important enough to merit my attention (and don’t feel bad, I have the same opinion of the children’s games millionaires play on this side of the pond), on one level I was agreeing with you.

Yes, it is a stupid and rant-worthy state of affairs when so-called “journalists” make a huge story out of such an insignificant event as a footballer breaking a foot.

OTOH, in response to the thread title (don’t you love it when people respond to the thread title instead of the OP?), I’d have to say that if somebody wanted me to go fight a war, and I had a broken foot, I might consider my foot to be the more important of the two issues.

To be fair, the term ‘soccer’ was coined in Britain. A contraction of the word ‘association’.

It was coined by upper-class, rugby playing types to distinguish ‘Rugby Football’ from ‘Association Football’ that the commoners played.

It is approaching the World Cup, and as most non-Americans (and some Americans) know, the world gets a bit crazy at that time.

I’m not justifying it; just saying that having lived in Germany for ten years and seeing two World Cups from that vantage point, I’m not that surprised.

A typically dirty tackle from an Argentinian player did it for him.

Maybe because more people are interested in Beckham’s injury - to be frank, the approaching World Cup means a lot more to fans than the Middle East crisis does. This isn’t as it should be, of course, but there you go.

Besides, the injury was new news; the bombing is old news. “And now to the Middle East. We will be replaying what is basically a repeat of yesterday’s news, but with some new names and places. And we’ll be doing the same again tomorrow.” :frowning:

The implication that an international players injury is more important than a war is certainly there. But this sort of news reporting is common. There is also the implication that the war in question is more important than other wars, but that’s a whole other thread.

I’m very upset (I imagine along with many others) that Beckham is probably going to miss the World Cup finals. I wanted to know how he was last night, what his prospects are and what people around him were feeling.

Of course on a rational, human level (Lordy, I’ve put that badly!) I don’t attach as much importance to this as just one person dying under any circumstance. But, I need something to balance all this out, something that I regard as a positive interest and is important to me.

I’m glad they dedicated air time to it - news need not and should not always be flood, famine and war. Besides if that’s what you want, there are more ‘serious’ news programmes available.

The problem here is that his team is ENGLAND, and the competition on which they were betting is the WORLD CUP.

Yet again a combination of an Argentinian and Beckham’s foot fucks England’s chances.

Sod this, I’m going to support Ireland.

I think you’re mistaking the nature of news reporting.

News reporting is an attempt to bring to the viewer information of which they are not yet aware. So let’s examine:

Beckham (whoever he is) breaks foot. Out for World Cup. Not expected information. New information. High priority.

War in the middle east. Palestinians die. Israelis die. US Secretary of State continues his slow sojourn to Israel. No new information. Low priority.

Let’s face it. The fact that there’s a war between Israel and the Palestian Authority simply isn’t news. News would be:

“Peace in the middle east.”
“Palestians migrate to Sri Lanka.”

Anything unexpected would garner big time attention. But again, violence in the middle just isn’t news. They could honestly cover it in 5 seconds by just saying, “Fighting continued between Palestinian and Israeli forces today.” The rest: body counts, territories with fighting, Powell’s trip status…it’s all fluff. It’s the sort of thing reporters cover when there’s nothing worthwhile to cover.

Well, actually lobley as a football (soccer) fan, very interested in Englands chances in the upcoming world cup, the health of our best player is actually extremely important. Since there are probably a good couple of million football fans in this country who share that concern, I would contend that his injury is very newsworthy. Beckhams health, in human terms, isn’t more important that events in the middle east but you’ve got to understand the priorities of your average newspaper. Ethnocentricity is the key to understanding their average choice of headline. Since the average joe is more likely to be interested in news at home rather than foreign affairs that is what comes first and gets the higher profile coverage. That is why things which pale into insignificance compared to the middle east crisis (Queen mothers death, Beckham’s foot, whinging about the trains, what hat Camilla Parker Foals is wearing etc…) will usually get more coverage.
Just out of interest, [bb]lobley** do you think that the middle east crisis is more important than other wars and human tragedies that are constantly happening round the world that get less coverage?

I can’t help feeling it’s karma for the “devil’s hoof” incident that arguably lost us the last world cup…

Hypothetical Situation:

Just one month before the Baseball playoffs (or whatever you call it) start, Derek Jeter fractures his right wrist and cannot play for one year. Do you think CNN (the US edition) will move the story to second place behind the midEast story? Fat chance.

Grow up.

Even worse, I know which one.

I agree, it’s pathetic - but it does depend on which part of the British media you are listening to. The BBC World Service and BBC Radio 4 both led with the M.I., child poverty, a murder in Australia, and haven’t even mentioned Beckham. This morning, both ITN and SKY News led with the trivial ankle story. And the tabloids? Don’t even go there. :rolleyes:

Don’t feel bad - I recall back when I lived in Alabama that our local paper’s front page was a big picture of a workman installing a new letter “A” on the Amsouth Bank Building downtown … meanwhile tucked back on page A5 or whatever was news that thousands perished in flooding in Thailand or something along those lines.

Sorry for not being terribly precise - I just remember shaking my head in disbelief at the whole thing.