A Call to Arms: D&D game underway

I have the pieces in place, and the die rolls are figured out: It’s time for you to make your characters and start playing. If you don’t have 2nd edition, you can get the books online at the TSR website.

Go to the SDMB Game HQ on my website to start, and post your actions in the Game Forums. You don’t need to know Planescape to play, just AD&D rules.

A small group has started play; get involoved now to make a decision about where to go next.

Is there a chance for the peanut gallery to heckle.

“Oi! you call yourself a dwarf? I’ve seen orcs with better mining knowledge than you!”

Why not? As long as you post in the comments forum- I’d like to keep the game running.

I know it’s spelled “involved”, my fingers sometimes have a life of their own…

“Involove” sounds like something from a Big Brother dark future kind of movie.