SDMB D&D game: Getting started

As I promised last week, I have the basics ready for people to start creating characters to play in the SDMB AD&D 2nd edition rules game. Go to my homepage for details:

If you would like to play, post here and pass the word along. Give me an idea of what kind of character you would like to play; if you want to play alone, contact me privately, but if you want to form a group post in this thread to work out a consensus for the “Official SDMB Adventuring Party.”

All alignments and classes are available.

Any questions?

Just one: are you insane? If not, God bless, you’re gonna need it.

Well, it’s been a looooong time since I played Torment, but I think I remember bits of it. No idea where my old AD&D books would be though.

I don’t have an awful lot of spare time, how are you intending to make this work? Get us all online at the same time or play by mail?

Also, it took me a bit of fiddling about to get the Mimir to work. One of your links is dead, and the other automatically leads to an error page.

Hmmmmmmm. I’d be interested, but I dont’ see how it’ll work either. E-mail is a little bulky.

Count me as another interested party, but skeptical as to how it will work.

If you’ve not already looked at it, you may want to check out the EnWorld “Playing the Game” forum. There are several active message-board based games happening over there, and even a Play-by-post FAQ. Might be a good place to mine for ideas, or even to set up the game.


Thanks for pointing out the dead links. The Torment link was just to familiarize you with that game, although it is not necessary to play this game. The Mimir link I will fix shortly.

How do we play? By email, for those who want to do things on their own. For those of you who want to coordinate your efforts, I could play by chat, IM, or at the site mentioned by DanielWithrow .

I think the best way to start would be to let me know what method of play you prefer and what times you can be available online to play. At some point this weekend, after I have had more replies, I will announce a time to get together by whatever method is preferred and work out a schedule of play that can accommodate as many as possible.

I’m interested, but I long ago gave up my PH, and never played Torment. My only D&D experience for the past dozen years has been computer based.

I’m interested, but I’m unsure as how we would actually play. I suppose I echo what the rest of us are saying.

I have a couple of different ways to play.

One would be to email your actions to me, I roll the dice, and mail back to you the results of the actions. I will also post them on a webpage for easy reading.

Another would be to use chat or IM to get “together”, and everyone can talk to each other and me. Die rolling can be done by me, or by some of the online methods I have seen. Verrain had the link to random dice generators that could be used.

The game may move a little slow, compared to real time, but I have time to spare.

The gist of the game is to explore the map of Sigil I have provided, and pick an area to start. You can read about the places now, this would be like asking about them on the street. To interact with the citizens, ask me.

Sigil has doors that lead anywhere, so if you’re not comfortable with Planescape it’s quite easy to enter another world like Oerth or Toril. Oerth is easy for me, I have most of the boxed sets.

This may seem like a big project, but I have 22 years worth of materials to use. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like.

All I ask is that you give it a try. Make a character and we’ll talk Saturday evening to work out the best way to play.

count me in. haven’t read the site yet, but I’m interested. Preferreably email or posting. no regularly scheduled time for chat or IM. No planescape experience, but willing to learn.

i’d love to give it a whirl, but prefer the immediacy of IM’ing/chat.

(i also have to read your site, Steelerphan)

I’m establishing an ezboard forum to use as a play-by-post location. That ought to allow us to play fast enough; all of you can post here, after all.

I’d also like to ask if someone else has DM experience and would like to judge some sessions.

What does Planescape have that is different from regular dungeons and dragons?

Planescape is set in the greater “worlds” of the Inner and Outer planes. The city of Sigil is floating over the Spire, the center of the Outer Planes on the plane called Concordant Opposition, Neutrality, or the Outlands.

Sigil is in the shape of a tire, with the city on the inner side. No one is sure why, but many archways and portals in Sigil “connect” to places on the other Planes. These are the doors. If you know the location of the right door, and have the correct key, you can go anywhere in all the Planes, not just around on a single world.

This type of character is called a Planewalker, and they are considered to be the toughest around. Able to survive in many environments, and able to judge when to get out.

But because of the doors, Sigil has creatures from all the planes- and some of them see you as a mark, or a meal…

****DM narration over

I have the message board open. Go to my homepage or the game page, I have placed links there leading to the forum. Post there to get started.

Instead of ezboard, I’ve found that Snitz forums are much easier. They’re closest to this board in look and layout, and it’s a completely free board (that you host on your own site).

Um, I’m already in 3 D&D games and running 1 d20 Modern game, so I’m not in. I just wanted to mention the Snitz forums.

Also, we had a group of guys on our board that were gearing up for their yearly megagame. They spent a couple of weeks actually roleplaying on the message board.

I think chat is what would be required, if we could co-ordinate the schedules. Trying to get everyone thinking along the lines of what to do in a given situation would be pretty tough via e-mail.

Player 1: I begin to cast fireball at the lead orc.

Player 2: I run right up to the lead orc and punch him in the nose.

Player 3: I run like hell in the opposite direction.

etc. etc.

I’ve got the message board for 30 days trial. I think play-by-posting a message can work, we just have to work out the die rolls. I’ll be online after 10 to explain more.

Are you still interested in playing? Go to my site; I’m ready to get started.