A call to vexillologists: Can anyone ID this flag?

Pardon me for posting, but could someone help me identify a mysterious flag, from a second-hand description?

The person who saw—carried, actually, in a ceremony—the flag in question drew a quick sketch of it here. She said it had a pure red “field,” with a “coat of arms” design near the middle. Inside the Coat of Arms was a white “castle” underneath a purple “crown.”

My own searches of proven fruitless, although the Portuguese flag on the Brandenburg Municipal Flag seemed to come close.

So, is there a vexillologist in the house?

…that is.

Me sleep now.

The Flag Identificator turned up some vaguely similar flags, but nothing I’d call a match. It might help to know what kind of ceremony the flag was carried in.

It was at an IACLEA meeting, in a “parade of nations” type ceremony.

Despite the fact it is listed as “international”, in reviewing the IACLEA website it appears that 90% + of the members are American colleges and universities so I would imagine the chances are pretty good it is a college flag of some kind and not a national or municipal flag.

Well, I couldn’t find anything at Flags of the World