A Catalog of Witty Remarks Found First at SDMB

Over the years I have been visiting this website and tossing in a comment from time to time, I have observed a vast array of witty comments that I had never seen or heard before. That could easily stem from my lack of exposure to some of the TV shows where such sayings or expressions may have actually originated, or in comic books or movies where they showed up first.

But I would love to get a list of what you think are some funnies that you saw here for the first time.

One that springs to mind is where the first poster says something like:

“I believe Brad Pitt is the sexiest man alive.”

To be followed a few posts later by a quote of the post and the retort:

“Excuse me, but I believe you misspelled Tom Selleck.”

(This is probably not a direct quote of actual posts, but I hope the point is clear.)

Please share those things that first appeared here that are now part of your own lexicon of “witty things to say.” If you can provide a link to the actual post (or thread) or a citation as to which Doper made the remark first, that would be even cooler.

My, My. Tantalizing topic, eh?

All the usual participants in these sorts of threads are over in IMHO hanging out in the Favorite Doper Signatures thread.

I guess I should admit that that thread gave me the idea to post this one. I just thought there would be more awareness of how many wits and wags there are here and how much “Dope-speak” there is.

But it won’t be the first time that I misread the level of interest in stuff I find exciting.

Thanks for keeping this from being another of my “Replies = 0” things.

It was mentioned in the sig thread about a line, originally by Miller, about video game critic Jack Thomson being certified legally sane by the Florida bar. “Isn’t that sort of like being ordained an Anglican bishop by the Food and Drug Administration?”