A Christmas Story

Everyone remembers Ralphy, right? He was played by Peter Billingsly, son of Barbera Billingsly (June Cleaver). Well, he’s a porn star now. I bet his mom is so proud ::sniff::
I wonder if he got called ‘the Beav’ alot as a kid… hrrmm… I wonder if growing up the son of June Cleaver makes you crazy… Or maybe it was one of those things like the child cast of “Different Storkes” went through…

punk snot dead,

You must provide me proof of this outragous claim. No way my Ralphy is a porn star. :mad:

Nope, sorry. Not according to this site

Exerpt: PETER BILLINGSLEY (b. 1972)
(Ralphie, A Christmas Story; Cohost, Real People)
Last seen: Releasing a CD of recited Yuletide short stories, Christmas Stories…Christmas Songs; (1999), for RFC Records and St. Clair Entertainment; working as senior field producer for FX’s The X Show.

Although I seem to remember another child star who is a porn star now. I can’t remember, but I’ll look for it. And no, it’s not one of the Brady girls.

It was on some documentary. I think it was VH1.
Gimme a sec and I’ll look.


Like he’s gonna put it on his Resume.


Ok, how is being a senior field producer on a show that “will cover a broad range of stuff guys care about - from sports and money to technology and sex - with candor, unabashed honesty and humor*” equal to being a porn star?

*From FX’s web site.

Marilyn Chambers

You’re thinking of the little boy from the Richard Pryor movie The Toy broccoli!. His life story was on E! True Hollywood Stories last month. I can’t remember his name. I’ll try to find out and post a link if I find one.

I think I’ve found the sourse of this confusion.

Exerpt from the same site I listed above:

SCOTT SCHWARTZ (A Christmas Story)
Why Children Should Never Stick Their Tongues on Poles … Frozen or Otherwise
– “I don’t know if you’d call this a ‘brush’ with a child star but … remember that kid [Scott Schwartz] in The Toy with Richard Pryor? He was also in A Christmas Story, he was the kid [Flick] that got his tongue stuck to the pole. Anyway, he’s a porn star now, and ugly-ass one that – about 5’6”, chubby, same face, freckles, pouffy hair. He was on Jerry Springer yesterday." (POSTED: MARCH 1997)

I forgot that Scott Schwartz was in A Christmas Story!! Here’s a link showing some of his porn flicks.


No man, I swear to God it was Ralphy! I don’t do hallucinogens, so I wasn’t trippin.

I’m still trying to find it.

Heh, heh. Just had this discussion at dinner the other night. (The discussion started with Messy Marvin, also played by Peter Billingsly). Someone mentioned the same urban legend, and my friend Steve corrected them. Steve is in the porn business (no, not an actor, he reviews films for Hustler, so he knows this stuff. What kind of company am I keeping!?). It’s the kid from The Toy/tongue on pole who made a few porn films, not Peter.

Apparently we need a thread called, “Ask the big-shot-LA-Hollywood-movie-maker guy.”


Yeah, cause I have a friend who works for Hustler. That’ll get me dinner with Spielberg… :stuck_out_tongue:

You never know… :wink:

can we get dinners with porn stars?

Wednesday Adams married a porn star, and I think ended up making 1 porn movie with her hubby to cash in on it.

Damn! And My folks have that on DVD too…



I saw that E! special, and it was in fact Scott Schwartz, not Peter Billingsley, who did the porn flicks. IIRC, in all but one of them, his roles were non-sexual. He did one with himself as the star, but also IIRC, it was not completed, and hasn’t been released.

Whew! I knew my sweet little Ralphie wouldn’t turn to the world of porn.

Shame on you broccoli! for starting such a rumor!! :wink: