A crummy comercial!

Opened my fortune cookie yesterday, and found this:

I opened three cookies we got a couple of weeks ago, and that type of ad but for a finanical services company was on one side and things like “You will com in to money soon” was on the other for all of them. It kind of irritated me.

Be sure to drink your Ovaltine! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well, I mean, it’s not like you can complain you didn’t get a genuine fortune bc those never existed.

Still tho’, LOL.

I wonder what percentage of diners enrolled in Northern Arizona University after receiving this message.

I have a guess.


I like the Taco Bell sauce pkts. so much better.

I got one once that said, “I’d marry a taco”

At least it wasn’t a targeted ad. Like i you were searching google for “winter boots”, and the ad on the cookie was for boots, then you should be worried!

Maybe they could throw in the ones advertising antacids when you order something spicy…

Seems like a natural place to put casino app ads.

Old Story:

One fortune cookie company used jokes instead of fortunes. The company was horrified to find that a batch of the papers had jokes that were NSFW (putting it mildly). And they found out AFTER the cookies were finished.

So they shipped the entire lot of cookies up to Alaska - and nothing more was heard about them.

We have a couple of local Chinese restaurants from which we’ve been regularly ordering carryout or delivery for years; a few months ago, the fortune cookies which we got from one of them as part of our order had similar ads (though I can’t remember now what the ads were for).

My suspicion is that the advertisers are providing the fortune cookies to restaurants at a lower cost (or even free) than the “usual” (non-ad) cookies that the restaurants buy from their suppliers, and that’s why it’s attractive for the restaurants to offer them.

Finished dinner
Crack your cookie
Read your fortune
Don’t look like a wookiee