A cryptography mystery on Reddit, could it point towards The Riddler being in The Dark Knight Rises?

An interesting AskReddit post from yesterday involving an incredible tale of a homeless man handing a person a $50 bill on the subway along with a note that had an encrypted message. Redditors crack the code and the mystery deepens from there.

I’m 99% sure the homeless guy story is false, but it sounds like an ingenious marketing campaign for TDK, and could point towards The Riddler being in the film.

Here is a summary of what has been found so far:

Not sure if this is TDK related or not, but the dates involved in the messages and some other details brought up in the comments section seem to point that way. In any case, I enjoy a good mystery even if the entire thing is a put-on, and figure it would be pretty interesting to many here as well.

Hm, seems more likely to be marketing for a new Spy exhibit in NYC. Oh well, the Riddler hopes were fun while they lasted.

Fun, so it couldn’t possibly be in one of the Nolan Batman films.

Yep, most likely viral marketing for the sky exhibit.

The IP address clue is based on flawed assumptions, and is almost certainly meaningless. Pick any integer, translate it to an IP address, and there’s about a 1 in 20 chance that it’s military.

Turns out that number was actually the OP’s phone # backwards.