A Day Like A Kick In The Crotch

Today has, for lack of a better word, sucked. It would have been just a bunch of annoyances, but the last thing that happened.

I got 3 hours of sleep, not for lack of trying. I was rudely awakened by my dad, who told me I needed to shovel. “But I’ve got to go to school!”

While he stood over me and my friend (whos living with us because him and his mom don’t get along, and because he nearly killed himself) shoveled. My dad was basically micromanaging, and being a complete jerk about it too.

Then I went to school, which always sucks.

Then I got home, and I discovered I had no key, and was locked out. “Easy, I’ll just go next door and get the key from our neighbors.” That key had been misplaced.

“Easy, I’ll just wait for my friend to get here with his key…”

Waiting… Waiting…

“I’ll finish the shoveling…”

I did that. Then waited… waited…

“fuck it, I’ll go get the key from my dads office.”

So I went. He’s not there. One of my sisters works there, and she had it thankfully.

I get home, and get in. I check the messages. It’s my dad.

“Uh, Jus? Sean [my friend] has cut himself again. He’s in the hospital. It’s not a serious cut, but they’re putting him under supervision. I’ll tell you more later…”

FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. It’s not a good day!

Here is a hug

Also share one with your friend
{{{Totoro friend}}}

Sounds like somebody needs a good BJ.

A good strong kick in the crotch would have been better than the past two days. They got my paycheck wrong, I accidentally CC’d everybody in the whole friggin company on one of my personal emails, and none of the executives seems to understand the concept of “an accident”. The condo association meeting is tonight and I hadn’t remembered until I got home so I (the president) have almost no time to prepare. I am strongly considering attending in my sweats & bunny slippers. I started a roaring fire in the fireplace and then realized that the flue was closed. I had to open both front & back doors to keep from choking to death, so now I’m freezing to death instead. So far nobody I know is in the hospital, but the evening is still young.

Any minute now, I expect a meteor to land on my house.

My friend is back, and he’s alright.
I guess that’s all I want to say.