...and then I knew today would be a bad day

This morning I woke up 20 minutes late. I jumped up and ran from my bedroom to the bathroom to start getting ready for work. About halfway between my bedroom and the bathroom is a litter box. This morning, directly next to the litter box, was a pile of poo. I found this pile of poo by stepping in it. Apparently I forgot to scoop the litter box last night before bed so Oliver showed me how upset he was about that by pooing on the floor in the night. That is when I knew today would be a bad day.

I took a few minutes to wash off my foot, clean up the mess and scoop the box before getting dressed and running out the door. Then when I got to work I found out that they had a huge, free buffet breakfast for all the employees in the building today. I missed it because I woke up late and took a few minutes to clean up the mess in the living room. (But on the plus side, my boss is out for the day!)

How did you know it was going to be a bad day today?

I woke up.

I think falling out of bed and hitting my head on the table nightstand a few days ago is what rather did it.

:frowning: Sorry you’re having a bad day. Cocoa? offers mug and hugs

I think it was when I rolled over, and the bed broke*, dumping me onto the floor.

*Well, actually, the boxspring just fell between the bed rails. It’s not irretrievably broken, but it’s a pain and a half.

By being woken up by my cat, who was startled by something apparently (possibly air molecules banging together), and used the thing she was sleeping on as a springboard to escape. The thing was my arm, and the escape left a nice row of deep gouges.

Wow, I think that tops my stepping in poo.

When I arrived at the high school where I’d be subbing for the day, and the SWAT team was just leaving.

Naw. I think you win, really. I’ve known about the problem with the bed for a while, but have been procrastinating on trying the dual fixes I have in mind. I can’t blame anyone but myself for what happened.

You, on the other hand, were lucky that your annoyed cat didn’t go hunting for your clean laundry. :wink:
On preview. No, phouka wins. Why was the SWAT team there?

Oh, come on, you can’t just post that and not tell us!

Sequential threads, and I’m not making this up:

**37 weeks, and here he is

…and then I knew today would be a bad day.**

Two days ago, I had thought the wound on my foot had finally finished bleeding, so I went to bed with no bandage. The alarm got me up, and I stumbled as far as the bathroom before noticing the trail of blood spots on the carpet. I put on a fresh bandage, then I spent the next twenty minutes cleaning blood out of the carpet. Oh, man… :smack:

So do we get to find out why the SWAT team was visiting your school or not, phouka? :smiley:

And, IIRC, a Jewish school to boot.

The other day, I woke up, got out of bed and avoided the puddle of pee (from one of the dogs) that I didn’t even know was there.

Then, I walked to the door, found and slipped in another puddle of pee. I fell backwards, pinwheeling with my arms. I caught myself by my hands before my back hit the floor.

By putting my hands in the now-found other puddle of pee.

I’ve also woken up this past week by a dog hearing the aforementioned mysterious noise. This cute, 100lb puppy scrambled up from a sleeping position and forcefully launched himself off the bed with his hind paws, flying like Superman towards the bedroom door.

One rear paw found purchase on the sheets to the left of the hip.

The other found my twig n’ berries.

I set my alarm clock that night, but apparently, a dog’s paw kung-foo-ing your nuts is a much, much quicker way to greet the new day.

Hmmm… bad day?

Well, I drove at 55 in the slow lane to be gas efficient; was tailgated, high-beamed & flipped the bird by various gas-guzzlers for my troubles. So much for lessening dependence on Mid-East oil.

Made sure to get to work early to keep a handle on things. Sadly, ‘things’ didn’t feel like being handled today, today being ‘spin out of control and yell “Wheee!” day’.

Was extra nice to people. People who made an extra effort to walk all over me for it. When I finally snapped out of it and started treating them like the jerks they were, they settled down, but by then it was already a “Tylenol & Coffee” day. I guess its nice to know that ‘junkyard dog’ mode still works though.

One of my assistants said she had to leave as her daughters school bus was found to have a ‘metal bomb-like device’ on it, and they were questioning all the kids. I’m sure I’ll be reading more about it on CNN.

My congress-critters office called today. Sorry, that tour of the WH is fully booked with [del]right-wing campaign donors[/del] people who asked 7 months in advance instead of 6. No worries, I’m sure my kids will get to see it someday. This close to Jenna’s wedding, they probably haven’t even rolled all the drunks out of the Lincoln Bedroom yet anyway.

I’m going home now. I just can’t wait to find what deviltry awaits me there…

When I was a teen, I used to sleep on my back. My father, in his infinite wisdom, enjoyed waking us kids by inviting the dog to go into our rooms and wake us up.

I never knew I, too, could do V-ups until the morning the dog jumped onto my bed, and landed with both front paws on my crotch.
I now sleep on my side.

It would have been a worse one if you hadn’t :eek:

I guess the worst thing that happened to me was trying to replicate a major bug in our production system, in a test bed, and having one of the preliminary steps error out so I can’t get any further :mad:

Is the cat okay?

When I got called to the HR office ad was told due to the lack of biusness my job was being elimated.

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