Official "First Words Out of Your Mouth After Waking This Morning" Thread

“There’s a hand on my buttocks.”

“Meow meow meow” (responding to my cat’s demand for breakfast).

“Aw, nuts.”

WTF did I drink last night




I’d give it a couple of minutes if I were you

“God fucking dammit!” which was a response to my wife yelling to wake me up and telling me that my dog Bear was running down the road.

“Why did you have to sneeze on me, cat?”

Yep - 5 AM, she climbed on my pillow. I ignored her. She sneezed - all over my face. Good morning to you…

Probably some variation of “Hey, bud.” when my cat jumped in my bed to tell me hello.

I flipped on the television to find a former American Idol contestant butchering a song on Regis and Whoever Is With Him Now and my reaction was “what the hell is that?”


I’m not very eloquent at eight in the morning.


waves lazily at the wife

“G’mornin’ honey.” My hubby let me sleep in, then brought coffee in to me at 10:00. :eek: I never thought I would sleep that late today!

He’s a sweetie.

“It’s raining.”
“Of course, it’s the 4th of July.”

My husband and I on passing each other on the way to and from the bathroom at 5:40.



reach down to scritch beagle-shaped lump under the covers

Kitty No Bitey!!!

deesiresjohn: “You farted at me!”

silenus: “Love you, boo. C’mere, Havoc.”

“But I don’t want to go to work.”

Really? You actually used the word “buttocks”? How very formal of you. :slight_smile:

“White Rabbit,
White Rabbit,
White Rabbit.”

Same as always.

“It’s the Fourth of July…I don’t want to get on the treadmill.”

(I got up and got on it anyway, because my husband seemed so disappointed. In a tiny act of defiance, however, I wore my flip-flops and only went 3 miles an hour for fifteen minutes :wink: )

Damn, everything fxxxing hurts!