A death row irony

Michael Lenz, who killed a man in a religious dispute while in prison, is scheduled to be executed tonight in Virginia.

Michael Lenz is a follower of Asatru, and claims to worship Thor and Odin, among other Norse/Germanic deities.

Virginia allows death-row inmates to choose whether to die by lethal injection or the electric chair.

Lenz has apparently chosen lethal injection.


Allegedly the reason he killed the other inmate was for not taking Asatru seriously. And here Lenz, a follower of the Thunder God, is turning down the opportunity to experience the electric chair?



Still, beats being thrown into a pit of hungry wolves, even if Tony Curtis lets you go with a sword in your hand.

After they put him down, are they going to stick his body in a boat and light it on fire?

But what if he makes his ‘saving throw’ vs poison…? :smiley:

Hmm, if he really wanted to die like a Viking he should have opted for a blood eagle.

He’s just a coward.

Nah, if he really wanted to die like a Viking, he’d have chosen bad lutefisk.

Well, he’s bound for Niflheim.

Not like the man he killed, who died in glorious combat and even now battles on in Valhalla.

What nobody knows is that he’s secretly switched his primary deity to Ragnarkodone, the God of Potassium Chloride.

So it’s all well and good.