If you HAD to be executed, how would you want to go?

Let’s say that you’re going to be executed. There’s no way for you to get out of it, no new evidence that could overturn your case, no last minute rescues by the governor or the legislature coming your way. By this time next month, you are GOING to be dead, period.

But, you get to choose how they end your life.

What would you choose?

For me, I would choose … HIGH EXPLOSIVES! Strap a whole bunch of explosives to my body, and set them all off at once. Make sure they use enough C4 that not only will there be zero chance of my survival, there won’t be much left of me at all after the fact. And they have to film it with high-speed cameras, like they do on Mythbusters, and make the video available for the whole world to see. It will be AWESOME!!

Oh, and if any pieces of me survive which are large enough to still look like body parts, they have to take pictures of those as well and let the world see them. Might as well leave my mark, eh?

Death by snu-snu.

Snu-snu sounds like fun … at first. Kinda like death by pizza overdose. Near the end, it will become torture.

  1. real answer, lethal injection.
  2. fantasy answer, snu-snu for sure. Bring on that line of 18 year old boys and let the fun…I mean execution commence!


On the off chance that the Christian faith is real, I don’t want Jesus lording his suffering over me. Oh, boo hoo, you willingly died a horrific death for all mankind’s sins; I did it out of spite.

I’d go with the explosives too

Either shotgun to the head or some sort of explosive. Something quick and painless.

Maybe I could be strapped to a nuclear bomb? That might be cool.

From what I’ve read, Crucifixion is one of the worse ways to die. Incredibly painful and not quick.

Scaphism would probably be worse, IMO.

Heat death of the universe.

I’m good with a gunshot or a guillotine if we’re talking about methods of execution that have actually been used. I don’t really see how you can die any more quickly than that (assuming it’s done right).

I also have no problem with some kind of anesthesia applied to excess, though I’m not sure that the current procedures for lethal injection fit what I’d want.


Only if it happens in the next month! You know the rules!

I’ll leave the details to the executioner. I would never presume to tell him/her how to do his job!

Not safe for work:

I should imagine being chased off a cliff by a squad of beautiful naked women would be a fine way to go.

Whatever the method I just want it to happen suddenly, none of this watching the clock tick down to zero guff.

Ideally they will get a ninja to creep up behind me and put a bullet in my head the night before the scheduled execution time, just as I’m finishing my last meal.

Old age. Preferably as the last person on earth.

Sticking to “modern” execution methods: Hanging. Firing squad second choice. Electrocution and gas chamber would be horrible. And lethal injection would also be very bad if it doesn’t go right (which happens all too often).

There are occasional screwups with hanging, but it’s quite unlikely with a careful hangman.

For more old-timey methods, the uncertainty of consciousness after beheading makes me wary of that one. But probably the best compared to burning at the stake and all those.

Changed my mind; I’ll go with cannabis overdose.

Always wondered about the beheading thing.

If I got to go, at least it would give me something to focus on which I am curious about.

Or maybe dropped from 12,000 ft AGL with no parachute. Gives time for some thought but relatively painless I would think.

Your Death May Vary.

Had this discussion just over a year ago.