You will be executed. Choose the method.

If you were to receive capital punishment, which method would you prefer?

Death by snoo snoo, of course.

Damn you, Pine Fresh Scent!

Snoo-snoo, yeah …

Can I choose death by Weeping Angels? XD If I’m gonna go, I’d rather go of old age. Though…I guess that’s not realistic and kinda cheating.

I chose guillotine. Drowning, keelhauling, and garrote would be quite drawn out and painful, so they’re right out. Most of the others are kinda iffy, many might result in a quick and painless death, but things can go wrong. I could wind up surviving the fall or the elephant mauling for several excruciating minutes before dying of massive injuries, or slowly choking on the gallows. A clean beheading would be the most reliable, even if what they say about being aware afterwards is actually true that’s only 30 seconds or so of suffering at the very worst.

Fucked to death by supermodels.

Supermodels, Amazons, I’m not picky…

I voted lethal injection, but if we exclude all painless methods I’d actually pick hypothermia, I think. Once you get past feeling cold, supposedly you start feeling warm (hypothermia victims often claim to feel warm and undress, even when sitting on the top of Mt. Everest), and just fall asleep. I guess it’s not a horrible way to go.

Given that snoo snoo was taken within 2 minutes I take “snoo snoo for life, with no chance of parole (gawd willing)”.

As for methods of dying I might also be inclined to also take hypothermia. I honestly think I came close to dying from it once and it did not seem that bad a way to go.

Artificially induced supernova, of course. If I don’t get to live I don’t see why anybody else should either! :smiley:

I chose other. A show I saw about executions put forth the idea of what amounts to a regulated version of the old “death by car exhaust” method of suicide as a humane way of executing someone. You just peacefully go to sleep, and never wake up. Works for me.

Uh, I think that that’s 50% of the problem with freezing to death…

Pardon my dumbness…snoo snoo would be the same as boom boom?:confused:

CO poisoning. And not from stinky car exhaust. Pure CO.

As we saw in the cartoon, “death by snoo snoo” involved the men having their pelvises shattered. It wouldn’t be fun at all.

As for me, I go with a large caliber bullet to the head from behind.

Jesus Christ, I read the thread title and chortled to myself that nobody could possibly have said death by snoo snoo because it’s so damn obscure, and it was the FIRST RESPONSE. Seriously, why am I even on this board? I have nothing to add to it.

Nicely done PFS.

Lethal injection for me. I have seen my dogs being euthanized, it is quick and pain-free, and this is essentially the same thing.

Call me a romantic fool, but I chose firing squad. You only die once, so you might as well stand up and face your killers.

“Defrensation”? Do you mean “defenestration” (being thrown out a window)?

Personally, given that snoo snoo is not a realistic option, I would choose to be blown up by a concussion bomb that would instantly vaporize my body.

Pretty much this. I want an explosive powerful enough to instantly vaporize my brain. The rest of my body can stay or go but at minimum I want a charge placed on my head, powerful enough to completely obliterate my head within a few fractions of a second.

Of course, my ideal respose to ‘how do you wish to die’ is ‘at the center of a nuclear explosion that can be seen from the Moon’. :smiley: