How do you want to be executed?

As a side note to this threadthe merits of different types of execution methods were considered. One poster brought up the interesting point that a head or heart shot by a firing squad might be more desirable speed wise than being strapped to a table and injected or fried in a chair.

Personally I think the head/heart shot would definitely be a cooler way to go than the relatively bloodless injection method and more of a mess for my captors to deal with.

If the scenario is that you are going to die whether justly or unjustly convicted, how do you want to go? Any method is acceptable that results in death in 60 seconds or less.

I always thought that firing squad, no blindfold or cigar would be a nice manly way to go out.

I’d rather use the “jump off a cliff into the ocean below” method.

Give me lethal injection.

I want to be dropped from a helicopter onto the field during a time-out at an Eagles game.

I’m an old-fashioned kind of a girl: I want the whole guillotine act, complete with a tumbril ride to the scaffold, so I can climb the 13 steps and make a speech to the crowd. Then right before the blade falls, I’m going to make a funny face, so I can get a good laugh when the executioner shows my head to the crowd.

How about drinking hemlock from a goblet while your disciples stand around in dramatic poses and someone captures the scene in an oil painting?

I changed my mind. I want to be shot from a cannon into a field of TNT. But I have to be really drunk.

would you be carrying a blowtorch or something?

I think a serious fall to the turf at the Vet would be an awesome way to go, by the way.

I would like to be shot by a dozen cops on live television, and do that epileptic being-hit-by-bullets thing for a good three seconds.

Either that or win a duel over a lady and discover afterwards that my opponent was illegaly using a poison-tipped saber, and the small scratch on my cheek is mortal. Then I would gasp “Live on, but never love another” or somesuch and expire in her arms.

Death by blowjobs from Playmates. Now THERE is a painless death!

Why am I thinking of Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”? :wink:

<futurama>DEATH BY SNU-SNU!</futurama>


I don’t know exactly how, but it has to involve Sun Spots.

From various things I have read, death by guillotine is apparently the quickest, least painful execution. However if that was my only option, I would demand a huge crowd, just like in the old days.

However I’ve always wondered what it would be like to drown, so I suppose I would choose that.

Strapped to a sidewinder missile.

As a means of execution or just plain old death, however it comes to, I’ve always wanted to go out in a big explosion, a pillar of fire, instant vaporization, leaving not even a pile of dust behind-- just a bigass scorch mark.


I want to be put to death while riding a roller coaster.

( I know it’s lame, but I want to have a bit of fun)

I’ll pick Lethal Injection. I figure it to be the most painless way to go, if administered properly.

Well, we’re talking execution, so that precludes some of my preferred ways of “going,” like riding a nuclear missile streaking towards it’s target. Which would certainly be lethal, but isn’t really a method favored by executioners worldwide.

Let’s see…gas chamber? Too painful. Plus, I really wouldn’t like being executed while strapped to the same chair that other people had been executed in. (I mean, c’mon. Like the prison guards really would do a thorough job cleaning that thing after every execution…)
Lethal Injection? Pfft. What a sissy, hippie way to get executed. That’s like being martyred by having kittens lick you to death. Hell, even if I’m being executed unjustly, I’d prefer to take it like a man. You know, with some method involving high kinetic energy transfer. I think I can allow myself to indulge in some machismo, just one notable time.
Hanging? Too dishonorable.
Beheading? Classier, I’ll admit.
Firing Squad? Could work…but only if they shoot me while I’m standing.
Being Pushed off a Tall Structure I like this one…but it’s pretty much a long shot.

Well, when you really get down to it, I think I’d prefer something…unique. Like being dipped alive in molten Gold. Or being forced to fight to the death in a gladiatorial game.
(Maybe getting crushed by some gigantic boulders. That could work…)