A Dose of Lileks Will Brighten Your Day

James Lileks’ site is back in full force, and I thought I’d announce this happy turn of events by linking to my favorite of his “comics” musings, “Jerry on the Job”—


I know. Ain’t it great? I can’t wait to see what turns up in the Institute of Official Cheer and Flotsam Cove.


Who’s been quoted in Lileks’ Minneapolis Star-Tribune column three (count 'em!) times

He’s solved the bandwitdh problems? Way cool. His is one of my favorite sites on the web. He’s got a twisted sense of the absurd but still has heart.

Okay, here’s something I’ve been wondering…

How do you pronounce his last name? I’d been assuming it was pronounced “LIL-ecks” but a bleat about telemarketers indicated that that wasn’t it. Anyone know?

I done been pronouncing it LY-leks, but could be I’m mistaken.

And yay about the update! I’m looking forward to Flotsam Cove.

Thanks, Eve!

I stumbled onto his site when someone here (maybe you?) linked to his Peculiar Art of Art Frahm page. That and the Gallery of Regrettable Food are my favorites.

What a cute period comic! I’m hooked. Almost as nifty as
archy and mehitabel.

That’s it, I’m gonna ask TubaDiva to change my screen name to “Flip Givney”. Then I can use little colloquialisms in my posts like “candy gab” and “what’s the plot?” whenever I want!

Yes, Spritle, but everytime someone makes a Violently Ordinary Rejoinder—which happens with great frequency here—you will rocket backwards out of your chair, break office furniture and injure yourself grievously.

Oh yeah? Well, I wrote him an email when he got chastized by an architect for the column Lileks wrote about the new library, and he wrote me back and said it was the funniest letter he had gotten in MONTHS! Huh? NO, I am NOT jealous of Zappo [sub]Three! Dang it! ::sulks off to figure out how to get quoted even ONCE::[/sub]

Operator of the Alabama Cootifier

That was you? Neat. I remember that column. IIRC, he mentioned the intelligent and literate message that he got from somebody on the Web.

Getting quoted is easy. . .just wait for August and send him some State Fair Haiku.


*Originally posted by Zappo *

Then that surely wasn’t from me–mine tend to be ill-thought out and sound like the weird guy from around the corner who comes out whenever you’re washing the car to gripe about politics.

[sub]::quickly opens up Strib site to do a vanity surf::[/sub]