Hilarious site: James Lileks scores again!

I know some of you are familiar with http://www.lileks.com, one of the funniest sites ever. He has just added his “Permanent Gallery of Impermanent Art” to his site—not to be missed!

And if you haven’t yet checked out his “Gallery of Regrettable Food,” shut your office door so no one can hear you spitting soda all over your screen, and check it out!

May I second that?

The Dorcus collection of men’s clothes and the grooviest motel in Wisconsin also deserve recognition.

James Lileks is like a god to me. I can’t wait until the Gallery of Regrettable food book is available.

I second your seconding!

Lileks is my favorite newspaper columnist. My local paper carries his political column and I’ve gotten hooked on the column he writes for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

If you haven’t read it, check it out:


It’s just as good as the rest of his stuff, although there are a lot of local references I just don’t get (since I’m not in Minneapolis).


Okay, now I’m scared. My mom owns this set of cookbooks:


However, I have been raised to adulthood with no repercussions to date.

“Though a European and an art lover, Prof. Subteczct is rumored to be heterosexual.”

Hee hee hee…this stuff is brilliant. Especial kudos to the Schlitz Beer “I was just curious…” ad.

Incredible site…wonderful photos…thanks, Eve!

I’ve been snickering through this all afternoon. I especially appreciate the abundant use of the word “sputum” in reference to some of the sauces. One of the truly amusing words in the English language. :smiley:


I was first introduced to him when he did the piece on the Art of Art Frahm since I love pulp cover art so much.

I was, well, I’ll admit it…I wet my pants, but continued to sit and read with my damp panties…howling with laughter.

The regretable food is also a gem. I can’t wait to go back and check on him.


Oh, Jesus.

I just read the Art Frahm section.

Every female SDMBer MUST go and check this out, for your own good…and for god’s sake…DON’T BUY CELERY!

Dammit—we’re so busy at work today that I can’t risk having any Regrettable Food or Art Frahm Cuties on my screen when someone pops into my office!

I never read this site but that I don’t laugh so hard I give myself the hiccups and have to run into the ladies’ room to gulp down some water.

You warned me too late, Ike—I bought a nice little bag of celery on my lunch hour today, then stepped over a subway grating and . . .

Lileks is always good for a laugh, but did you know he’s a pretty darn good serious writer too?

His very personal piece on the death of his Mom brought me to tears, and that’s not easy to do.


Read only if you’ve got a tissue handy.

I strongly recommend you void your bladder before checking out

The Grooviest Motel in Wisconsin

If you pee in your pants laughing, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I giggled when the pun of the curators name hit me but almost laughed out lout at That’s not the Stick Shift.

I think James Lileks lurks here; if he doesn’t, one of his close colleagues at the Strib does.

Straight Dope/Cecil Adams references appear quite often in the Variety and Metro sections, and occasionally in Lileks’ own columns.

Any Strib employees wanna fess up? :wink:

The Gallery of Regrettable Foods is the laugh-out-loud funniest thing I’ve read in a long time!! I’ve always been overly amused by old cookbooks. I’ve got a stack of them from my parents’ basement. Did they have different farm animals in the 40’s and 50’s??

Thanks for the heads up, it’s already in my favorites folder!!

Oh my goodness…the Regrettable Foods are just too much…my daughter kept walking past me saying “breathe, breathe; that’s right, in…out…” Thank you, Eve, for a much needed laugh.

Awesome, simply awesome. I first discovered Lileks through the aforementioned Gallery of Regrettable Food, which I found through our very own Straight Dope (if memory serves, someone–maybe Eve…even…got it elected for Weird Earl’s). I would also like to take this opportunity to mention that as a youngster, I actually stayed overnight at the Gobbler. I was about eight or nine at the time (1972, or thereabouts), but it certainly earned its status as the Grooviest Motel I’ve ever stayed in. When we got home, I pestered my parents for months to put shag carpet on my bedroom walls.


Some parents have no vision.

Thanks, Eve!

Thanks a bunch of bunches for that site. It’s so hard to find good print(and picture) comedy. I just skimmed it and found myself guffawing. It’s in my favorites file, and soon will all be in my head.

I once attempted to share the Gallery of Regrettable Food with my roommate - who responded with a perplexed “why are you looking at recipes?” I am so glad to know I’m not the only freak who finds this stuff hysterical. :slight_smile:

Lovely. Another day of gettting no work done. Thanks Eve. :smiley:

Meat and motels: how much better can it get?