A few seconds of your time...

Hope the powers-that-be will disregard this slight derogation to the rules…

Little Tassie’s four-year old little boy is VERY sick and she needs our words of encouragement. Perhaps you could take a few moments and pop in in MSIMS to say a few good words. I’m sure she’d really appreciate it.



Thanks for posting this omni-not, I for one had missed this thread in MPSIMS.

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While I am not unsympathetic the the little boy and his mother, in all seriousness…given the number of people on this MB, there are probably five to ten people every day who have someone in their family undergoing some sort of major trauma. If we have these threads cross-posted to every forum every time something like this happens, it kinda defeats the whole point of having separate forums: to allow people to find what they want and pretty much only what they want (and that includes not having to wade through even the most well-intentioned of requests for help when all you want is a good argument or some esoteric fact). If you are willing to lend a shoulder for a fellow doper to cry on, then check MPSIMS as frequently as you feel obliged to; you should NOT expect or require other posters crossposting “call for sympathy” threads to multiple forums to get you to pay attention. Since this thread is a duplicate and clearly not a debate, I am locking it.

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