A Football Follow-up MMP

From last week:

Almost everyone except Flytrap knows the Minnesota Vikings are the Most Lutheran Team in the NFL. Not only are they from Minnesota but they are also just a little bit above average — as Garrison Keillor, our version of Morley Safer, would put it. Not good enough to be too proud and that’s just the way we like it. Green Bay comes in second; Wisconsin has its very own Lutheran Church nationally (the Wisconsin Synod form of the religion) but the Packers win just too often at a high level to be truly Lutheran. So the short version is ---- I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl this year.

How about you? Did your team get eliminated? Who would you like to see win in two weeks? No go highjack away.

Blurf. Was just woke by a front passing through. Holy Moly, the winds must have be 50mph and the rain torrential. Scared both the dog and the cat. The dog does not scare easily.

So, 'tis 4 AM and it has settled down now. Should I go ahead and get a jump start on the day or go back to sleep? Hmmm? I think I willl go back to sleep.

Happy Moanday everyone! Go Falcons!

Second! W00T! Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work. Packers got eliminated last night, so it’s go Falcons for me.

I was born to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and there was a joke that the Wisconsin Synod was for folks who were displeased by how liberal the LC-MS was. If you know anything about the latter you’ll understand!:smiley:


Fourth! Am I excused because I don’t understand the question?


The only reason I’ve watched any football is because spousal unit does. I know far more about the game and the teams than I want to know, and I couldn’t possibly care any less, even if I tried. **FCD **is sad because Dallas was eliminated, and those on my side of the family who follow football are Ravens fans.

Me? I’m waiting for baseball to start again. :smiley:

It’s looking like we’re going to have to get rid of our less-that-a-year-old-mattress. **FCD **hurts so bad when he sleeps on it that he can hardly move. Last night, he slept in the guest room, and the difference this morning was amazing. So we’re going to do what we should have done before we bought this mattress - get two different extra-long twin mattresses and wedge them both on to the king frame. That way, we should both sleep fine. Because there ain’t no way I’m giving up memory foam for a rock-hard innerspring torture device.

Anyone want a really good deal on a heavenly mattress set? <sigh>

Happy Moanday.

Or as one of my friends from Germany puts it Handegg. :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 53 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 64 and mostly cloudy for the day. After this weekend, as long as no storms show up it’ll be all good. From what I’ve seen on the news and read, there are four people dead after yestiddy’s tornado and a bunch of injuries. Today will be the day when the extent of damage can be surveyed. Everyone I know in the area that was hit is safe and sound and for that I am thankful!

As far as the Stooper Bowl is concerned, I think I’m supposed to be all excitated over the Etlanner Falcons but I’m not. Way back when all those “professional” teams went on strike, I went on strike against “professional” sports. They got over it but I didn’t. Thus not a “professional” sports fan at all. I suppose I do wish ‘em well bein’ as they are in Jawja but I am not all twitterpated.

Tonight is men’s night over to the church house. Thus steaks are marinatin’ and beer is chillin’. I shall go over early as usual to set up and get things goin’. Lookin’ forward to an evenin’ of chillaxin’.

And now this…



Now I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. After that, who knows! I should work on defilthyfyin’ da cave but as of now, the idea does not appeal.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Awww, thanks, you old geezer!!

Happy Moooooom Day!

Happy Birthday, Moooom!

I think I missed a whole week somehow. Not entirely sure what happened.

I also think I’m really supposed to care about football, given the enthusiasm of the rest of my family and my general location. I just can’t get excited. Yes, I understand it, yes, I have watched it both live and on television, no, I still don’t care. I’m just not a sports person. But my genetic predispositons tell me something-something Giants.

This weekend I did my bit for peaceful protesting and ate a lot of food. That was about it. And yet, I’m still just so tired.

Happy birthday Moooooom!

I was raised ELCA. I’m a damn Lutheran hippy. :smiley:

I don’t do American football. Now *real *football, I’ll watch that if I come across it whilst flipping channels. American football takes too long.

The sky looks weird and threatening today. I predict a toad-strangler or a thunderboomer.

I’ve also heard it named melónmano, handmelon.

I’m having one of those days when you have to be at work, you have a ton of work… but you can’t do any of it until someone else does what they have to do. We’ll actually be able to start doing tomorrow or Wednesday.

Happy birthday Moom, don’t wanna sing too loud cos the coworkers are in the same situation as me and looking sleepy.

I’m drinking decent coffee for once. I got up early enough that I don’t have to drink nasty instant coffee that tastes like burnt popcorn.

**Nava **- I’ve wasted a lot of time this morning, partly due to attitude, partly because my boss isn’t here to clarify something he asked me to do. I’m taking my time and dragging out a couple of really boooooooooring drawings, just to not run out of work today.

It’s raining, and I saw that we’re under flood warnings in the county, but mainly along the Potomac at high tide. Even then, it’s just supposed to be maybe a foot above normal high tide, so not like apocalyptic depths. And we live up high and away from the water, so no worries at home.

OK, that killed a few minutes. Back to work with me.

Coworker is out sick today. Without her constantly asking me to do things and the typical midwinter phone lull … I’m just sitting here. I think it’s going to be one of those days where I read a whole book at work. And I’m just fine with that.

After seeing more and more pictures of the storm damage in West Georgia, I had to rush over and make sure that Swampy was OK. It’s looking pretty grim…

We got a lot of wind and rain, and some roads are washed out, but I guess that Hurricane Matthew took out the most vulnerable trees locally, and damage has been minimal. And one of my fantastic neighbors was finally able to get the dumped dog, after an hour in the wind and rain. So hooray, puppy is at the vet, and there’s a steady trickle of friends and neighbors dropping off a few dollars at the time, to cover his care. (Even though Dr. W had already offered to treat for free. Medicine and supplies and staff still have to get paid…) The sun just came out, and it is, in fact, a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

And I shan’t sing, because no one deserves that… Happy birthday Moooom!

Thanks for the b-day wishes! For those who don’t keep track and are afraid to ask: 63.

I was almost at work before I remembered it’s my b-day. Spousal unit didn’t say anything this morning, but he was in a hurry to get to work. Not that it’s a big deal - honestly, I mostly ignore my birthdays - it’s just never been a big deal in my life.

Altho I won’t turn up my nose at any chocolate love offerings… :wink:

Happy birthday Mom!

Still off my feet as much as I can before work tonight. I really screwed them up last week during the inauguration - blisters, rubbed raw, bruised. It’s been a painful weekend.

Looking forward to the normalcy returning this week.

Football? I have been really into it for about a decade, but my interest is waning hard. I don’t begrudge any of the commercialism or other commonly cited issues, it’s an entertainment machine. My interests have changed.

A year ago the area was being trounced by a blizzard. With that in perspective I don’t have much to complain about.